Marauders: Remus's leg

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"Easy there mate," Sirius said as Remus opened his eyes and tried to sit up

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"Easy there mate," Sirius said as Remus opened his eyes and tried to sit up. It had been a full moon and Remus had started to phase into a werewolf so you and the Marauders helped keep him out of trouble.

The problem was, when Remus started to turn he would thrash about as his werewolf form took over. He would try and fight it but the beast would fight back, this resulted in Remus breaking his leg.

"How you feeling Moony?" You asked sitting beside Remus in the shrieking shack. Remus was covered in head to toe with cuts and bruises and he looked horrible. He smiled, "I'm feeling better now, thanks to you guys," Remus said looking at you all.

"How's your leg?" James asked, bending over to examine it.
"Killing me." Remus said trying to to cry from the pain.
You searched through your bag and pulled out an odd liquid.
"Drink this," you said making him frown. "What is it?" He asked.
"Some pain serum," Peter frowned. "Where'd you get that?" You smirked.
"Nicked it from Slughorn." You said making the boys smirk at you.

Remus chugged the thick liquid back, grimacing at the taste but it did smooth his pain and for that he was thankful.

It was early hours, 2am to be precise.
James and Sirius hoisted Remus up, letting him use them both as support as you smuggled him back into the school.

"We got a problem-" Peter said looking at the many flights of moving stairs in front of him. "Shit!" Sirius said loudly. "Watch your language Mr Black." You all turned around to see professor McGonagll stood there looking unhappy.

"Ah Professor we-" Minerva shook her head. "Save it Mr Potter." She looked at Remus and sighed, "you should all be in bed." You nodded, "but we don't know how to get Remus up their." You said gesturing to the stairs.

professor McGonagll frowned. "You're a witch Miss L/N, and you are all wizards." She said looking at the boys. "I'm sure you can figure it out." She said turning around and pretending she hadn't seen any of you.

"She's right," Sirius said before telling you and Peter to grab Remus's legs, being careful of his injury. James and Sirius hoisted Remus up once again and all four of you carried him up the stairs and to his room.

"The next question is, how do we explain his broken leg?" You thought for a moment.
"Leave that to me!" You said speeding out of your room. "Do you think she has a plan?" Remus asked in a worried tone. "Don't worry, she's got this." Sirius said smirking.


You told James to meet you at the top of the stairs leading to the Gryffindor common room to help you. When he got there he saw you stood with something under a cover.
"What's that?" He asked making you smile.

You pulled the cover off to reveal a dummy that looked exactly like Remus. "It's so- lifelike." James said poking it, expecting it to move. "Thank you," you said happy with your handy work.

"It's enchanted too," you said moving your wand, the dummy stood as you did so. James jumped away from it. "That's so creepy!" He said marvelling at your work.

"Ready?" You asked, James nodded and as everyone came out of the common room James laughed. "Oh moony- you're too funny!" He said loudly. "Oh no Moony- watch out!" As he said that you discreetly moved your wand so the dummy would tumble down the many stairs.

"Everyone gasped as the lifelike dummy tumbled down the stairs, never coming to a stop.

"Mr Lupin!" You heard professor McGonagll scream as she ran behind the dummy, trying to safe the thing she thought was Remus. You and James had to hold your breaths to stop you from laughing.

"Every get out of the way so the medics can get to him in time!" Sirius yelled, making everyone scatter back to their rooms. Once everyone was gone you all ran down the stairs to find professor McGonagll with the dummy in her arms.

"Remus!" She yelled trying to wake the dummy, when it didn't respond she shook it. "Go get the nurse!" She cried out but none of you moved. "Uh professor-" you said.
"It's not really Moony," Peter said with a smirk.

"What?" She yelled confused, "We needed an excuse for Moony to use when people asked how he broke his leg," James said making her frown. "It's like you said-" you added in. "Were witches and wizards, we found a way!" professor McGonagll took a deep breath.

"I meant for you to levitate him up the stairs!!" She yelled making you all laugh.


The boys dragged the dummy into hiding before everyone saw it.
"That was brilliant Y/N!" James said as you all sat with Remus on the hospital ward.
"What did you expect?" You said smugly. "Thanks," Remus said with a smile. "I owe you one," you smiled. "Were friends, that's what we do for eachother!" You said making all of the boys nod in agreement.


This isn't really an x reader but I fancied writing this!
I hope you all enjoyed it!

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