Chapter 2 - Avery

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Chapter 2


As I stepped into the hallway, I looked down at the piece of paper in my hand and promptly ran right into someone. I reached out to grab her as she flew backward. The hand holding my class schedule was caught in a soft grip.

"I'm so sorry!" I said. The girl I ran into was small, shorter than my 5'5" by a couple of inches. She was rather pretty, with soft brown hair and bangs cut straight over her brown eyes. She had a light dusting of freckles all over her face and arms. When I looked closer at the arm I had hold of, I thought I noticed an interesting pattern to the freckles. There were four or five spots grouped together, creating a larger freckle. It was kind of odd, but not ugly.

"That's ok," she said softly. "It was my fault, I wasn't looking where I was going." Her voice was quiet, so that I had to lean forward slightly to hear her.

"Well, neither was I," I said, laughing slightly. I glanced down at the paper I still held in my hand. First period English, room 106. "I don't suppose you know where room 106 is?" I asked her. "Today is my first day at Dover. They gave me a map, but I think I'm already late for class." Nothing like walking in late when you were the new girl. A feeling I knew only too well.

"That's actually my home room, too! My name's Ana, what's yours?"

"Avery." I held out my hand and when she looked at me, put it down quickly. I offered a shy smile. "Do you mind if I follow you to class?"

"Sure," she answered. "It's right down the hall this way." She turned to the right and started forward. This gave me a chance to look around.

The school was pretty new, or at least well kept. The hallway was painted a regular beige, but had a broad black stripe running down the center of the wall, horizontal to the walkway. I felt like it was a large arrow leading me to my class. As we walked, Ana and I exchanged the basic where are you from, what year are you, and ended with comparing our class schedules. We realized that they were almost exactly alike, with the exception of my fifth period being gym and hers was Algebra.

We arrived at class. As we walked in the door, all the students were animated and talking loudly to each other. I noticed a blonde girl all the way across the room seemed to be holding court to a handful of boys and girls. She stopped talking as I walked to the front of the room and everyone else grew quiet as well. Ana went directly to an open seat in the middle of the class. I had to do the new girl thing and hand my schedule to the teacher at the front of the class.

The English Lit teacher, Mr. Newsome, was a large man, and by large I'm talking tall, not round. He was probably 6'4," with a lot of white hair that grew over his ears, curling every which way. I didn't think he was as old as the white hair made him out to be. His face was unlined, except for wrinkles around his eyes, which I thought meant he probably smiled a lot.

"Class, it looks like we have a new student," he said. In the hushed room, his voice sounded too loud. "Avery, why don't you introduce yourself to the class," and he gestured for me to move forward into the room.

Great. I hated these introductions. There must have been 30 students in this classroom. My stomach fluttered nervously. I imagined I could feel each individual stare landing on different parts of my body. The girls were all sizing me up, and the boys were guessing my breast size. I was just an average girl in an average body. My hair was a dishwater blonde, with some darker brown lowlights. At 15, I had no breasts to speak of, so I'm sure that was some disappointment to the guys in the room. My mom had always said that she developed later, around 16. My birthday wasn't too far away, falling on Halloween. Staring at the class I raised an eyebrow and blushed, maybe there would be a miraculous development. My eyes were hazel, turning brown or green, depending upon my mood. They were more brown when I was uncertain or nervous, like I was right now.

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