Chapter 17

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"Kaitlin Nicole Ritter!" My mother shouted through the phone.

"If you think you can just sneak back into town without us knowing you got another thing coming!" She continued to shout.

"Well, mom it wasn't a planned thing." I tried to explain.

"I don't care! You get you butt over here now! And stay with us for a few days!" She ordered.

"Yes mom." I replied. and hung up.

"God, she can be such a hard ads sometimes!" I complained.

"She just misses you Kat!" Hannah reminded.

"Yeah I know....Do you guys mind staying at my parents for a few days?" I asked everyone.

"If you're gonna be there, I'm in!" Destery said. Kissing me on my cheek.

"Haha! Better keep that to a minimum at the parents house. Her dad won't take kindly to that." Warned Hannah.

"She's right. My parents are super conservative. And own a lot of guns." I added.

"So I guess me sneaking in after hours is out of the question?" Asked Destery.

"Very!" I confirmed.


We arrived all to soon. Still needing to brief the guys on this visit from hell!

We pulled up to the long familiar driveway. And I parked my car in the garage.

We all piled inside the kitchen through the door.

"We're here!" I shouted.

"Where's the Booz!" Hannah murmured trying to lighten the mood.

I heard the clicking of nails on the kitchen floor.

"Kasha!" I shouted as she turned the corner and ran to us.

I crouched down to pet her. But she slipped and ran Into the wall.

We all busted out laughing. She still isn't good on hardwood floors.

"Where's my baby girl?" I heard my mother ask.

"In the kitchen mom!" I shouted back.

She came around the corner, he hair barely streaked with gray. But I know she noticed every strand.

She stopped and surveyed the group I brought along with me.

"I didn't know you had friends." she stated.

"Yeah, well we can go if you want." I offered.

"Oh nonsense! Hannah's family! And I'm sure these nice boys are...fine." she hesitated.

She walked toward me and gave me a hug. "Missed you mom." I said.

She pulled away and nodded.

"Cody! Kaitlin's home!" mom shouted.

Standing at a very tall 6'5, burly beard and wide shoulders that could put a football player to shame. My dad came into the kitchen.

"Katie bug!" he bellowed. I smiled an closed the distance between us, hugging him tightly. I missed his scruffy beard.

"Hey dad!" I replied.

He looked over my shoulder.

"Hey miss Hannah!" he greeted.

"Yes!" she cheered. When we were younger my dad would always greet her like that. She loved it.

"And who are the other two in your gang?" he asked.

I crossed back over to Destery, interlocking our fingers.

"This is Destery, my boyfriend. And Nathan. They're also my roommates." I introduced.

Dad crossed the floor to Destery, sizing him up. Before a warm smile spread across his face and he put out his hand.

"Nice to meet you boys!" he greeted.

They both took turns shaking his hand.

Maybe this isn't gonna be so bad.


"You boys will share the guest room down the hall. We will be downstairs if you need anything." My mom explained before going back down the stairs. Their room was on the first floor so they didn't have to keep climbing the stairs. And the rest of the rooms were upstairs.

Not a smart layout if your leaving your daughter on the same floor as her boyfriend. But I'm sure they had their ways of listening to make sure we stayed in our rooms.

My room was two parts. It had a big bathroom attached. Along with this big room of to the side where I liked to watch tv. With my futon, and manga.

My old Xbox was still here. And all my video games in OCD alphabetical order.

My closet. Huge. Not walk in. But the sliding doors were mirrors. And my bed, probably the only thing I missed! it was huge! And fluffy. A 4 poster king sized bed. With pillows galore!

Me and Hannah plopped down on my futon and fired up the Xbox. She isn't really a big gamer. But I want to play skyrim so she'll just have to suffer. Then if we make it, we will go on a lord of the rings marathon. Tradition!

"To bad the guys have to miss hangin out in your sweet room!" Hannah boasted.

"Yeah well, the guest room has video games too! And some of my DVDs. And Netflix! So they aren't suffering!" I commented.

"I bet Destery is! He'd much rather him be keeping your bed warm than me." she teased.

"One, that's creepy! Two, I've kept his bed warm plenty. He has Nathan." I said.

"Yeah, well I don't think Nathan will do all the stuff with him you will." she replied.

"Again... ew!!" I shouted.

"Just stating the obvious!" she defended.

Just then my phone went off.

"It's a text from destery." I said.

*I won't be able to sleep well if you're not here!*

"Awwww!" Hannah cried.

I replied, *I know! But don't worry it's only a couple days. I'll see you at breakfast.*

Suddenly I wasn't in the mood for video games...

"Hey I'm gonna go to bed. See you in the morning." I told Hannah.

I got up and went to my bed. Peeling back the corner and climbing in. I drifted off to sleep.


* Snow day!! I was able to get this chapter out! Hope you like it!*

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