Ray Ray:


“TO THE WALL!” Roc echoed.

I was on the dining room table, only in boxers, dancing to the radio on blast. Roc was doing the running man, also in boxers, on the kitchen tile. Hey, my mom said to do nothing illegal and this isn’t illegal. Just mindless.

“Yo, Ray. I’m apple juice wasteeeeeed!”

“I know right bro!” I whipped my braids like I wasn’t even afraid of breaking my neck.

Roc laughed, “That’s right. Hit the Gucci This dance.”

I leaped off the table onto the carpet, “Roc staaawwp!” I held my stomach in laughter. Both of us collapsed onto the couch, laughing. It wasn’t even that funny, but drinking large amounts of apple juice and eating lots of whip cream can do that to people, you know? Okay, maybe you don’t.

I turned down the music and my phone miraculously began ringing. I crossed the room and saw a call from my mom. I picked up. “Hellooooo,” I held in burp.


“Yes, mom?”

“What are you boys up to?”

“Nothing much. Y’know the regular… Boy stuff: movies, arm wresting, and all that.”

“Mmmhmm. There better be a full can of whip cream and a clean house by the time I get there tomorrow.”


Roc stepped closer to me and pressed his ear on the other side of the phone to listen in. I pressed speaker so he’d get out my face.

“We’re stuck here because of this terrible storm,” she sighed. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning and no funny business!” Roc began twerking and I had to bite my tongue to stop my arising laughs. “Ray?”

“Oh, yeah I’m here. Okay we won’t do anything mom.”

“Good. And make sure you call Roc’s father and tell him he’s staying there!”

“Got cha.”

“Okay, love you. You too Roc because I can hear you.”

“Love you too!”

I could hear my mom’s smile, “You kids are a mess. Bye.”

Hasta luego.” She hung up.

“What should we do now?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t even know it was storming.” I shrugged, looking outside. The rain and wind weren’t too strong yet, but where my mom’s at, it’s probably a lot crazier. The storm seemed to pick up by the second.

Ding dong. Weird, who would that be? Looking at our attire, Roc and I both knew we should put some clothes on. We grabbed our articles of clothing strewn all over the floor and hurriedly got dressed, probably looking messy.

I peeked opened the door to see two gorgeous girls shivering from the cold and I immediately allowed them in.

“Sorry to intrude. Everyone calls me Sparkles and this is my friend Franny.” The one with a side bang said. She was the cutest to me- wait, I just started going out with Nia.

“No problem. This here is my dude Roc and I’m Ra—.”

“I’d know that face anywhere! You guys are Ray Ray and Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior!” Franny exclaimed, her long black ponytail bouncing everywhere.

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