Trent x good girl! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling with will be a short story  ~

~Your POV~

today is one of the biggest exams of my school year, I and kyle are the smartest students in our year, we have been studying for tests, assessments, and exams forever. I wanted to get into my dream college (d/c= dream college•~•) with the support of my parents, during my school years. I've been working so hard that I've never been in a relationship, it was hard people 'Cough' cartman 'A cough' teased me.

But anyway, I was prepared for the exam and I walked to the classroom early to have a quick study session as I walk into class. I take my seat near the window on the right, I sit down and hear a chuckle behind me and I instantly turn around.

It was the bad hot boy of my year Trent, I had a slight crush on him but I know he will never like me back... I'm the good girl with the straight A's and he is the bad boy that loves to tease kids in my year.

"Hi Trent," I said annoyed

"hey babe, why is the class so you want 'extra' credit," he said with a cocky smile.

"N-no I'm j-just want to g-get some more s-study in...for the e-exam today," I said blushing

"Shit!! Is there a test today!?!" He said worried

"Yeah why?" I said concerned

"Shit! I forgot to study Hahaha" he started laughing.

"The look on your face haha!! Why the fuck would I care about a stupid test haha!!" He said laughing in my face

"Trent you made me worried," I said holding my chest.

"Aww does (y/n) love me, to worry" he said standing up and walking towards my desk

"You know I do because I wouldn't be your girlfriend (Plot twist!!)" I said looking at him sit on my desk

"aww babe, do you need a hug," he said opening his arms.

I nodded and put my arms around his neck, I felt his arms go around my waist. I put my head on his shoulder and sighed.

We stayed in that position for awhile, he felt his lips go onto my forehead, "I love you" he said making me blush hard

"I love you too," I said picking my head off his shoulder, he gave me cute butterfly kisses over my face until he stopped at my lips and gently gave me a kiss.

Our kiss was interrupted by the bell, we quickly broke away and went back into our seats. My classmates started pouring into the classroom and sat down, ready for the test. I looked behind me and Trent mouthed 'i love you' i blushed and mouthed 'i love you too'

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