The Lavender Cupcake

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I woke up gasping for air, with fresh tears on my temples. Every single one of my underlying thoughts struck me at once.

I killed the man I love.

Once again I started to cry. With time, my sobs softened. I lifted the blankets off of my shoulders. I swung my legs over the couch and headed towards the kitchen.

I realized that mourning makes me hungry as hell, so I opened the fridge.

I quickly stepped backwards at the sight of what sat in the fridge.

A lavender frosted cupcake stood on top of a silver plate with a note folded in front of it. "Ed,"  it read on the paper.

With shaking hands, I picked up the dessert, not knowing what to think of it. Sadness flooded me.

"It can't be Oswald," I whispered to myself. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I scolded myself for feeling any kind of guilt- he killed Kri-....Isabella. Oswald killed Isabella.

But... Os did it for love. 

Why do I care so much? ...He's gone now. Dead.

I cautiously opened the note, knowing it couldn't be who I thought it was. Oswald always brought cupcakes on special occasions, and he knew I fancied lavender frosting- but you can't deliver cupcakes from the bottom of a lake.

My eyes danced over the words, and I immediately found it hard to breathe.

Edward Nygma:

I hope you're not feeling guilt.
You had every single right to... kill me.
I just want you to know that I love you, and... I survived.
I want to work things out- despite your every right to hate me,
I hate the thought of us being enemies..
We've both been through a lot, Ed. I'm sorry for everything.
Consider this an invitation:

Come and find out that I'm really alive,

Meet me in our old home, 7:05.

I'm inviting you to dinner, if you'll let me,

And I will understand

If you try to kill me.



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