our song // archie andrews

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im really sorry if it's short. you didn't give me a prompt but hopefully you like this imagine! ♡


'This is our song
That isn't really that long'

You stared at the paper in front of you. It was again one of the songs that Archie wrote. You two were best friends ever since you were young. But he didn't know you wanted to be more than just best friends.

You were currently over at Archie's, helping him write his song. But after sometime he dozed off to sleep, leaving you write the song by yourself.

You saw a folder sitting on the table. You got up and got the folder, quickly scanning through the files. It was again, one of his songs but then one caught your eye.

'You're so beautiful'
'I wonder if you could look at me the same
Like how you do at him
How I wish you could call my name
All the time I wish.

It hurts to see you cry
To say that you aren't enough
And it wants me to call you mine
Because I know your life has been pretty rough

I hope you'll know that
You're so beautiful
If you will be ever be mine,
I'll make sure to be careful'

You looked at the back to see a note.


Hopefully if I ever have the guts to tell you, I'll be able to tell you that I love you so much. I loved you even when we were kids. I know, I know it's so cliche to fall in love with your best friend. But I guess that's what fate gave me. I love you [Name]. And I want to be the one who holds you at night. To be the one who makes sure you're always safe. To be the one who will love you until the end. And I hope you can give me a chance.


Your eyes went huge then looked over at Archie. "Um — er [Name]? What're you reading?" He asked now wide awake. "You — you love me?" You asked him as his eyes went big as well. He nodded meekly.

"If you don't love me — it's okay. It's okay if you don't love me the same. It's okay." He went closer to you with nervous and hurt eyes. You shook your head 'no', "I—I feel the same. I love you too Archie." You hugged him tight as he put his arms around you.

"I love you too [Name]. So so much." He said above you. You pulled out from your hug then said, "Maybe we can now write our song now, right?"

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