The Blonde and the Mourning

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Oswald Cobblepot.

(The Mansion; 2:07 PM.)


"Oh come on, Eddie," Barbara said to me. "You've been laying around that stupid couch for the past week. I've gotta say... You're kind of a mood killer. Party pooper. Aren't you glad Ozzie's dead? We should be celebrating!"

"Of course I'm happy he's dead," I responded in a low voice. "What would make you think otherwise?"

"The night you killed him, you came back at a retardedly late hour, only to be seen with a tear-stained face. If that doesn't seal the deal... I don't know- Oh! Maybe I can add the fact that you're moping around, covered in blankets- that by the way, used to be Oswald's- and as I'm talking to you, you're STARING AT THAT PAINTING OF YOU AND A DEAD, LITTLE BIRDY NAMED-"

"That's enough, Barbara," I dryly interrupted. "I do not miss him. I shot him. Why are you still here?"

"Edward," she said, "you know why I'm here. I'm still waiting for you to get off your ass and help me bring Gotham down to it's knees."

"You mean it's underworld... Besides the point. My question is- what's the rush?" I asked this in a frustrated tone, hoping the stupid blonde would leave. "Wait a second, Barbara... I ALREADY HELPED YOU. SO IF I MAY ASK AGAIN- Why. Are. You. Still. HERE?"

"You really think that killing the mayor was gonna be it? That's only the first part, Eddie. We could do so much more if we worked togeth-"

"Get the hell out," I snarl. "I can't help you any time soon. I helped us both. Like I said before, I... I shot Oswald. I can take over this empire easily, but go have your fun, Barbara- and don't let me beat you to it. I'll be here, alone and without your blabbering mouth."

"Yeah," Barbara chuckled, "I will enjoy myself. Every day I'll wake up to the sounds of singing birds... Sorry, did I pull on your heartstrings a little to hard? HA! Of course I can take over this dim-witted city myself. Have fun mourning over your makeup wearing murderer." She left the room with a nasty giggle, followed by the sounds of her heels hitting the hard floor.


As soon as I knew I was alone, I broke out into a heartfelt sob. I latched onto the dark blue pillows next to me, desperately craving Oswald's tight hugs.

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