Blood in the Water

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I shot the gun without hesitation. I pulled Oswald's bleeding body towards me, wanting to say something to him... But I couldn't. My held back tears hurt my throat and left me speechless.

As I looked into his emerald eyes for the very last time, all I wanted to do was hold Oswald close. I knew I couldn't, though- my dedication wouldn't let me. But staring at Oswald made me realize something.

Apart from utter shock, I could see two other emotions clearly on his face. Not anger, fear, or hatered... But pure heartbreak and sadness.

A tear rolled down my face.

Oswald reached out a bloody hand to me, the other clutching his bleeding gunshot wound. I was still gripping onto his clothes.

I pushed Oswald into the water.

I held back my tears.

I watched him sink down; eyes and mouth open, arms out in front of him as if he was attempting to hold onto me. Oswald's jet-black hair swayed along with his clothes.

The clear water turned red as I watched the light leave his eyes.

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