Friendly Pack

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I left, all my instincts had screamed at me to run, to get away from those who have caused me harm. But now that I was in the middle of another packs territory, I was seriously regretting my decision. I began to backtrack toward the pride lands when I was suddenly tackled by a massive pitch black wolf, obviously an alpha.

I rolled over in submission, fear coursing through my veins at the massive dominating wolf. Black wolves weren't supposed to be real, they were supposed to be tales told to pups to scare them from going into the forest alone at night.

But there was one now, shifting into a tall, daunting and might I add very appealing man.

"Shift and state your name and your business here rouge" he demanded, standing over me in a very intimidating manner I shifted and watched his eyes softened a little bit when he spots the massive bruise I sported on my cheek.

"My name is Rylan, and I accidentally stumbled upon your land, I mean no harm. Please, I'll go back to where I came from" I pleaded, trying to make myself appear as small and harmless as possible.

"What happened to you, and where are your mates?" he asked, causing confusion to cross over my face to which he explained:

"You smell of two particular males, so obviously you are mates, so once again where are they and what happened?" he asked, this time in a more calming way.

"I- uh, really don't want to talk about it. It's kind of a long story" I stuttered as I attempted to come up with a valid reason, but judging by his unimpressed expression, I had failed miserably.

"Well I have time, why don't you come inside and let our pack doctor have a look at you. And then we can talk" he stated before turning around and walking away, expecting me to follow.

"Look, it's better if I go back, and I would hate to take up any of your time" I tried again, feeling a bit wary of the strange Alpha before me.

"It is not better if you go back. You're shaking" I was shaking? "bruised and you look in need of some rest." I probably did look like shit "So we should go to the pack house, get you some clothes, allow you to rest, and then I will contact your pack to come pick you up after. Does that sound okay?" he said gently, and I reluctantly agreed, I was far too tired to fight him. Not that I would win if I tried, I mean he was huge, just as tall as my mates.

"So what is your name?" I asked as I began to follow him down a trail.

"Daniel, I'm the Alpha of The Shadow Wolf Pack, may I ask what pack you're from?" he inquired in a friendly way.

"Rylan" I answered cautiously, still wary of him despite his friendly words.

"Can I ask you what your mate's names are?" he then switched the topics.

"Leo and Linus" I answered simply before adding "What's your mate's name".

"Ethan and Evan," he said, surprising me that he also had two mates. "Where did you get that black eye Rylan" he questioned, causing my blood to run cold.

"I'll tell you where I got my black eye if you tell me where you got those bite marks from" I questioned when I spotted two marks on the side of his neck, causing him to stop and look at me with confusion.

"You don't know what they are?" he asked in all seriousness to which I replied with a small 'no'.

"They are my mating marks, my mates gave them to meet to show others that I am taken and to reassure their wolves that they have their mate. So now you must answer me, who gave you the black eye?" to which I sighed.

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