●Chapter One-The Train●

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Daniel James Howell glanced out the window as the trees rushed by him in a blur

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Daniel James Howell glanced out the window as the trees rushed by him in a blur. He felt lonely like he always did on his train rides to Hogwarts,but he felt empty inside. It was his last year and it was going to be spent like all the others.

Sitting alone in a train car.

Daniel normally didn't mind the silence. He would normally gag at the thought of being cramped in a train car with another person.

He sighed. He was eighteen years old and he still didn't have a friend at Hogwarts. He had people he'd sit at the Slytherin table with during lunch,but he mostly listened as they did the talking.

Dan sighed. He needed to stop dwelling on what he didn't have and focus on what he did.

He had loving parents. He had a good school with a good education. He had nice people that sat with him that probably didn't notice him. They always talked about Quidditch anyway,and Dan hated Quidditch.

He was glad his father didn't disown him when Daniel refused to try out for the Slytherin team. His father was one of the best Beaters Slytherin ever had.

He loved to watch the games though. Mostly for the hilarious commentator Janice Lorenzo. She was a Gryffindor girl who was in her sixth year at Hogwarts. She had been speaking at the games since her second year.

She had blonde hair and blue eyes the same colour as the sky on a clear,sunny day. She was from a Muggle family,so when she'd come out in a Muggle football team jersey,they'd all just nodded hello and continued on their marry way.

"Any sweets,honey?"the cart lady asked.

Daniel flinched as she dragged him out of his thoughts.

"No thank you,"he replied guilty as a sudden wave of guilt washed over his face. He had always bought from the cart lady,"My stomach isn't feeling to good."

He rubbed his stomach for emphasis.

She sighed,"I hope you feel better,honey.See you later."

She walked away to the next car,which ordered some chocolate frogs.

Daniel sighed. Maybe he should have gotten something to eat away his worries.

"I can't believe this!"a Ravenclaw fourth year was saying,"I can't believe they're letting Janice still be Quidditch commentator after what she did!"

"Um... what did she do exactly?"the boy she was talking to asked. He looked just as confused as Dan.

"She insulted a Ravenclaw!"the girl was shouting and now everyone was looking at her,"If anything that one girl from Ravenclaw should be commentator! The one with the boyfriend from Gryffindor."

"Marzia?"the boy asked.

"Yes,her! She would be per-"

"I'm sorry,Kelly,but it's not happening,"Marzia stood up.

Kelly flustered,"We can't have Janice still commentating."

"Janice is a nice girl,"Dan butted in.

This took both students by surprise. Dan never invited himself into a conversation.

"Janice is a lying,thieving,snitch who doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut for her own good!"Kelly stated.

"What'd she say exactly?"Dan asked,suddenly interested.

"She said she hoped our Chaser wasn't that slow getting his studies done! PJ gets them done very quickly! Almost faster than me!"

Dan just nodded and turned away. PJ was a 'friend' of his. Well,not a friend. More like some of the few students he liked better than the most. PJ had started playing Quidditch last year when his father forced it upon him and said he was a disgrace to the family name if he didn't.

PJ turned out liking it. He wasn't obsessed to the point he'd talk about Quidditch non-stop. He'd just kindly ask if you were coming to the match that afternoon at four.

Dan watched as birds flew overhead,wishing the students a merry year at Hogwarts it seemed.

"Get your robes on!"Hagrid shouted,"The train is almost there!"

Daniel rushed up to grab his trunk and slip on his robe and tie. Being a Slytherin,he had dark green robes(to the point they were almost black)with a green and silver tie,sporting the House colours.

He had already put on his white shirt and his black pants before he left for King's Cross.

He shoved his trunk back up to its cozy spot and slumped against the seat of the Hogwarts Express.


I hope you liked the first chapter! It will get better I promise. This is my first Dan and Phil Hogwarts AU. It's actually my first AU. The photo is of his Slytherin attire and the gif is the Hogwarts Express. I love you and bye!

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