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●Geo's POV●

I left the room because she was getting me jealous. I knew she wasn't doing it on purpose. I had all these thoughts going on in my head at the moment.

Does that Nathan kid like her?

Does she like him back?

What if they become closer than what they already are?

I decided to text Jenny.


Geo: Can you come back I need to ask you some questions about Y/n.😔

Jenny🙅: Why whats wrong?

Geo: I will tell u when u get here. Juss hurry.

Jenny🙅: ok be there in 2 min

♡End of Convo♡

I was just about to go to the living room when i heard

"Geooo. Where you at?" -Y/n

●Jenny's POV●

I was with my friend, Kylie (pic of her is on top) watching 'Mean Girls' when I got a text from Geo.


Geo🙍: Can you come back I need to ask you some questions about Y/n. 😔

Jenny: Why what's wrong?

Geo🙍: I will tell u when u get here. Juss hurry.

Jenny: Ok be there in 2 min

♡End of Convo♡

"Ok well Kylie. I gotta go." -Jenny

I said getting up from the couch to get my stuff.

"Wait where?" -Kylie

"Back to my house." -Jenny

Honestly I don't like hanging out with her. I mean she's fake. Tge only reason she is my 'friend' is because I am Geo's sister.

And I didn't go to another friends house because Kylie was the closest one to my house. But the only reason that Y/n is my bestfriend is because she was there for me not because I was Geo's sister.

SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. She was there because she actually cared for me.

"Oh can I go?" -Kylie

"Uum no cuz Y/n is sleeping over."

"WHAT?! Why is she sleeping over with Geo. HE'S MINE!" -Kylie

By now she was screaming.

"Um no he's human. You can't own a human. And plus I think he likes her. Bye" -Jenny

I said giving her a small smile and walking away from her. I got out her house and into the car.

●Y/n's POV●

"Guys im gonna get off this live but I am pretty sure he's gonna go live tomorrow so yea bye!" -Y/n

I said and then ended the broadcast. I went out of the room to go look for Geo.

"Geooo. Where you at?" -Y/n

I went downstairs and saw him on the couch on his phone. I went downstairs and sat on the other end of the couch.

"Hey... what's wrong?" -Y/n

I asked because he looked kind of sad.

"Um it's n-nothing." -Geo

"C'mon your not acting like your normal self. And I like your normal self. The confident and always happy Geo." -Y/n

Some how that didn't change his facial expressions at all.

"Ok fine. Who was that. I mean I know he's your bestfriend but I think he likes you. And I dont like that." -Geo

"Ohhh. What are you talking about he has a girlfriend. He wouldn't like me." -Y/n


Idk what to say 😂 but hi

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