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Chapter 26

Talulah's Pov

Staying at Naya's house was the most fun Talulah had had in ages. Naya had a big 3-storey house with 6 bedrooms. Why her parents needed all the extra rooms she would never understand.

Katie had come around and they were both keeping thinngs PG. Except Talulah had caught them twice, kissing like it was their last kiss, in the bathroom. Didn't Naya have her own bathroom?

The girls all slept over in Naya's bedroom where she had the state of the at technology- things her parent had bought in guilt leaving their only child alone. They had the sleeping bags set out so their head were all towards the centre.

When Talulah had first arrived, Naya had immediately taken her to the living room and gave her the tight hug she needed but wished so badly it was someone else's arms. She had burst in to tears and sobbed out what had happened, careful not to mention her father. Naya had brought the secret stash of chocolate cookies- why she needed to hide them in an empty house, Talulah will never know- and they pigged out on chocolates and sweets and finally ordered a pizza for dinner.

Naya kept cursing Masen, telling her how he was such a self-righteous prick, a cocky asshole who will get whats coming to him. Talulah had jumped on Naya's back to stop her from leaving the house and beating Masen up, which she would have no problem doing- if she was a werewolf.

Katie made Naya calm down and they all settled down to watch movies, like old times before sh got distracted by Masen.

Right now though, Naya was giving Talulah advice.

She was not allowed to let him make her feel bad.

He was not allowed to make her cry.

He was not allowed to hurt her in anyway.


If he does apologise- Talulah snorted out loud accidentally- she can't forgive him straight away. 

She is not allowed to let him know she is jealous if he is with another girl.

She is allowed to make him jealous and angry.

She should stay away from him- That was Katie but Naya said that would just make her chcken shit and no one wants to be chicken shit.

Don't let the bitches pick on her.

And if they do make up, first kick his balls.

Naya had a satisfied smiled on her pretty face when Talulah agreed. She really wantd to know why Naya wanted to cause so much pain to Masen's lower anatomy but decided it was best not to.

"Oh and T?" Talulah looked away from where she had been focusing on the ceiling.


"You're coming to my party. No friend of mine ditches me over her jerky ex. And if you argue with me, I'm going to dress you as Minnie." Talulah shuddered and nodded her head, glaring as Katie choked on a laugh.

Minnie was Naya's dolly from when she was younger. She had kept the thing at the back of her wardrobe as a reminder and she relished the times she got to tell the story about her creepy doll. Minnie was actually a male doll that was now transformed into an old hag. Minnie was Michael- Naya's first ever crush, but he said she had the cooties and Naya decided to take her anger out on her doll. From a young age she had decide males weren't worth anything but pain and Talulah guessed that was her turning point.

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