Gummy Bears

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Jake’s POV

She was lifted like a rag doll and put in the van, I was dead against all this but I had to play along and to play along, I had to convince myself she was evil. But every time I manage to convince myself that she is evil, she looks at me with those huge innocent puppy eyes, and I just can’t look away. It’s impossible for her to be bad; she can’t do it if she tried.

But then again, what about all the pranks she played? She may seem innocent but she really aint. She never did anyone any harm though did she? It was for entertainment purposes only, even the people that got pranked laughed along. She wasn't the kind of person that would want to hurt anyone, she wouldn't...

When they had driven off, I hung around to clean up the blood that was spilled on the floor when she got hit. Poor thing, if she survived it, which I highly doubt, she would wish she hadn’t for the headache she’s going to get. I knew I was just being pitiful, she was after all an enemy, but I still didn’t get why it was me who had to kill her, why couldn’t it be Bruce? He hit her. That means that she couldn’t have died… but the blood… this was all too confusing.

‘Hey, after you clean the blood up, why don’t you cover up and clean our name? Like frame the kidnap on someone, or maybe leave a note saying she ran away, pretend to be her?’

‘Well, she is three, so leaving a note is out of the question, but framing? I can do that, and I know the perfect person…’

I knew what I had to do, but first there is something important I needed to take care of… parents wise. I’m only fifteen, so my parents still rule over my life.

The second I snuck into my house, the living-room lights opened, and my mother turned the revolving chair to face me. Well that was original. I sighed in defeat and turned to my mother, who had absolutely no idea of my life as a whisperer. She was thinking of grounding me, and the way to make it up to her… wait, she wasn’t thinking of a way for me to make it up to her… there is no way I can be grounded! Nat just got kidnapped, and she’s unconscious I have to be there when she wakes up, I can’t not be there.

“Jack,” my mum said, exhaustion coating her words, “I seriously, cannot think of anything, for you to make it up to this one. You’ve been away since last night, and yes I realised… and this is getting ridiculous… you’re not the same person that used to come home and start screaming because you’ve been hearing voices in the night.”

“no I aint, mum, that was when I was four, I’m 15 now, don’t worry I can take care of myself, anyway, it’s not as if I’ve been kidnapping helpless little 3 year old, cause believe me, Nat ‘aint helpless” I said the last part under my breath. It was true, if Nat hadn’t been taken by surprise, she would have had Bruce running away with his tail between his legs.

She was seriously dangerous, she may be in a kid’s body, but I know exactly who she is… even if she might not know it, she just needs to be reminded, that’s all. I’ll have her back, she’s mine and no one will take her away from me… not again, not ever again. If Bruce expects me to kill her, he’s mad. I’ll make her remember who she is, it’s buried in her subconscious, she remembers me, she might not have realised it, but I saw the recognition crossing her face.

The fact that she was dangerous did not mean that she would kill anyone. It just meant that she could defend herself if she needed to. And when she wakes up, she'll go mad... That's only one of the reasons I need to be with her.

I just had to find a way out of being grounded. There is no way Nat is going to wake up with anyone except for me by her side. I need to think of something and fast. With the hit she took she’ll be unconscious for about two weeks, maybe two and a half, but you never know. She has healing powers she hasn’t yet developed, the hit might have hit a nerve which could make her developed her healing sooner, if then she will wake up... Tomorrow.

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