Louis's P.O.V

Poor Clara. Sometimes I just don't understand our fans. Yeah, they love us, but if they love us so much, wouldn't they just want us to be happy? God. This is just too far, though. Clara has a grade three concussion, two broken ribs, and a broken nose. It makes me wonder if they would do this to Eleanor. To Perrie? The poor girl has been through enough already--she was raped by her ex-boyfriend for God's sake--but of course our own fans have to go and do this. We need to have a serious Twitter conversation. Just as I'm about to get onto my account, Harry starts making his way towards me and I put my phone away, instantly standing and giving my best mate a hug.

"How is she, mate?" I ask.

"She's sleeping, but she asked me to go out so that I could get some air and food," Harry replies.

"I'm sorry. Is she in a lot of pain?"

"A little, yeah. But the nurses put her on heavy painkillers, so...yeah," Harry sighs, running his hands through his hair. "I honestly didn't think that the fans would go this far."

"None of us did, mate. I was just about to have a Twitter post about this. It's complete bullshit," I clench my jaw angrily. "That should never have happened."

"Thanks, mate," Harry smiles at me.

"Of course. You should be able to be happy," I sigh, patting Harry's back. "Go eat, mate. She'll be here when you get back, I promise."

Harry shakes his head in mock annoyance and walks down the hall to the cafe. I sit back down on the sofa and pull out my Twitter. I find a quite hateful comment about Clara and choose to reply to it.

That bitch is just taking advantage of Harry and his kindness and need to help people. She's just a charity case and we all know it. She's not even that pretty, anyway.

I reply, saying:

Look: I understand that some of you are jealous and upset that Harry is dating someone, but can't you just be happy for him? Clara is kind and funny and, I might add, beautiful, so why don't you all butt out and try to be supportive of his non-charity case decision.

One fan replies almost immediately afterwards and agrees with me. That's the kind of fan that I like, not the jealous, rude types.

Yeah, guys. Honestly. I'm sure Clara's a great person. Harry wouldn't date someone just for a charity case, or because he felt bad for her. You all need to be more supportive or just don't say anything at all. Same with Eleanor and Perrie, too. You guys post death-threats to them every day and that's B.S. You all know it is, so drop it and get over yourselves.

I smile at the girl's post and put my phone back in my pocket.

Clara's P.O.V

When I wake up, Harry still isn't back, I assume it's because he's eating or hanging out with our friends. I sigh and lie back down. I don't mind the time alone, to be honest. A nurse walks in to check on me and I am startled by familiarity. She looks like someone...but who? I try to think. Fuck. And then I see her name tag. I gasp. Callie Higgens. Mom's sister. Holy shit.

"Are you...?" I crie softly.

"Am I what?" Callie asks, looking confused.

"My mom had a sister named Callie," I whisper.

"You're...Katrina's daughter?"

"Yes," I whisper. My mom changed her name from Katrina to Katherine after she moved to Los Angeles with me, but she made my middle name Katrina instead. "We don't...we don't have to takl about this. I don't want to make things awkward."

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