Chapter four: Again

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I woke up after a peaceful and soothing sleep. No nightmares this time, luckly. I streched and yawned. My mind was blank, not fully functioning yet . What can I say? I'm not a morning person.

I got up a slowly as I could. This time i knew exactly where I was. And I had no intention staying here much longer. Today I will escape, today he will let me go. He'll have to, once i beat him. But what if he doesn't keep his promise? I shook my head at the last thought. No, Iroh would definetly take my side and persuade him. I hoped. I can't belive how much trust I was putting into this man. He is Fire Nation, but it's like somehow he isn't. At least he didn't act like it.

There was a bowl of water on a dest located to the right of the bed, and above it a mirror.

I walked to it and splashed some cold water in my face. The effect was immediate. I was woken up, my thoughts clear and ready. .

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. The pale girl with dark bags under my eyes, stared back. That was not me, she looked nothing like me. But still even if tired, they were still my eyes, even if it was messy and not brushed for a while, still my hair, and even if pale with hollow cheeks and a frown, it was still my face. I will get out, i will escape. I told to myself, convincing me. I tried to get that little bit of me that was almost lost back. That stubborn, determined me. Someone who would't just give up, a proud warrior I thought myself to be.

I took a deep breath. I definetly won't back down without a fight.

Someone opened the door, making me jump in surprise. At first I thought it might be Zuko- Iroh would have knocked, but it was just a guard.

He took his post in the middle of the door 'Come with me.' he ordered, his voice low, and menacing.

His superior stance agitated me. He was tall with broad shoulders and a muscular body. he didn't have his helmet on so I noticed a long wound that went from the side of his mouth to his right ear. It was allmost healed, covered with scabs, while somewhere the new pale skin was showing. He'll definetly have a scar. Since it was relatively new i couldn't help but to think one of the villagers did it. Maybe even me. That would explain the look of contempt he was giving me.

i held my head high and brushed past him, bumping my shoulder into his intentionaly. it made him take a step back, I smirked when I was behind him.

'Lead the way.' I said impatiently when he didn't move.

He straitened up and and walked past me, this time his shoulder bumped into mine.

I rolled my eyes and followed him through a series of small and metal hallways and up some stairs until we arrived in front of big metal doors. He opened them and we stepped outside. A strong gush of ocean wind crashed into me. I allmost lost my balance and I had to step back and shield my face from the salty offence. The wind slowly ceased to blow so I could open my eyes and look around. We were standing on a deck of a big metal ship, in the middle of a vast ocean.

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