The Garden

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Dean woke up in his room to the sound of wings. He knew that sound all too well. He sat up in bed and smiled when he saw Castiel standing at the foot of his bed.

"Hello Dean." Cas said, his voice making Dean smile even wider than he already was. God, how he had missed that voice. He hadn't seen Cas in days, and he had missed him terribly.

"Hey Cas. Long time no see, huh?" Dean said, getting out of his bed. He pulled on his shoes and Castiel gave him a curious look. Dean found him so adorable when he did that. The little tilt of his head and the way he squinted his eyes was just too cute to not be at least slightly attracted to.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Dean asked the angel, standing up. Cas smiled and nodded.

"Can we go to the gardens? They're so peaceful and the creatures are so fascinating." Cas was so formal, and dean found it so cute. He laughed.

"Sure. I haven't been before, so you'll have to show me everything." Cas nodded, the smile on his face growing larger. They walked outside of the bunker in silence, and Cas looked carefully at all the plants and the little insects that inhabited the area. They walked along a path that was almost overgrown until they came across an arch made out of stones. Cas walked under it, smiling at the wall that was almost falling apart.

The garden, despite having the look that it hasn't been properly taken care of for years, was surprisingly pristine. The pathway turned to cobblestone, and the flowers grew in just a way that their wildness wasn't so uncontrollable. Vines crept along the walls of the garden, holding it together through the ways of wear and tear from the weather.

Dean sat on a bench in the corner, watching the way Cas inspected every leaf, every vine, every flower with such scrutiny that he was sure he was trying to capture and remember every detail of them. He smiled at the faces Cas pulled upon seeing all the different herbs and flowers. God, he loved the bastard.

He didn't realize he was lost in his thoughts until Cas cleared his throat. Dean looked up to see Cas very flustered, with his hands tucked behind his back. He blushed furiously, then handed Dean a single rose. It was red, and had just bloomed to its peak. It was beautiful. Dean smiled and took it from the angel. He stood up and stared at the rose, twirling it slowly in between his fingers. Cas watched him, the look of curiosity coming over his face again. Dean sighed. He couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck it." He breathed. He took Cas' head in his hands and pressed his lips into his. Cas was shocked for a second before melting into the kiss, feeling like this was exactly where he belonged. Dean smiled into Cas' lips, but kept kissing him all the same.

Yup, he was definitely in love with an angel.

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