This Time

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A poem I wrote (Alongside extracts from my upcoming story) :)

(Teaser for my new project : Chronicles of A Speaker: Listen)

Enjoy !


She avoided his eyes by breaking the first rule of diplomacy: Keep Eye-Contact.

And with him? It was impossible, she would have risked her sanity.

But she was wrong because this time,

The wounds are deeper,

The tears are her own act of abuse,

The joy is steeper,

Her care became profuse,

His smile incandescently hypnotising,

Her heartbeats with a new excuse,

His eyes luminously agonizing,

Her sanity lost, disuse,

His voice so appealingly entrancing,

Her own feelings abstruse,

His words brilliantly enchanting,

Her struggle to flee, a broken truce,


Her very own fantasy of a winsome spruce.

Her heart drops and explodes into a volcano of burning emotions, causing a bewitching earthquake down the abyss of her stomach, accompanied with a frantic quiver through her hands whenever she thinks of him.

"Stop it." She breathed to herself.

"Stop it." She deliberately shook the trembling away from her arms.

"Just stop it." She commanded her body and soul.

He has become the contagion she feared,

The disease her body commandeered,

The illness that left her cheeks tear-smeared.

Yet there she sat,

Accepting the fact,

That he was truly revered.


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