2nd January 2010

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Dear Diary,

Today was horrible. Let me tell you all about it. The nurse, Dr. Liz, was taking me for a checkup. But it wasn't any normal checkup! First, she brought me to a room. Then, she made me sit on a chair and wait for Dr. Denkins. She said that I was a demon child, and that I was to be punished. She said that the priest was coming to chase the demon away. She looked very scared, and then she left. I was in the room alone.

Then the room turned dark, I couldn't see anything. Then suddenly I saw a light. There was a man standing there, wearing a white dress with many necklaces with a 't' symbol. Well, it wasn't exactly a t. It was kind of  two lines crossing against each other. Oh! I remember what it is! Mummy told me before. She said its called a 'Cross'. She said that I should not look at it. But then I did. And my eyes started to hurt so badly, and then I felt my skin ripping.

I woke up again in the hospital ward. I am so scared!


Evelyn Sapphire.

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