In Mystic Falls

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When I woke up, I was on a couch. I could feel it. How? It was not as comfy as my bed. I slowly, cautiously opened my eyes. I was shocked when I fully opened my eyes.

I wasn't ready for what I saw. I wasn't in my room, let alone anywhere in my house. But what was even more crazy was, Nina Dobrev was hovering over my face. I froze. She quickly got out of my face.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you" she said innocently.

"Are you...? Who..? How!" I stuttered.

"I'm Elena" what? "I found you on the side of the road last night." She explained. I slowly sat up.

How did this happen? I'm in Mystic Falls? I sat quietly for awhile. I AM IN MYSTIC FALLS! How?

"Wait. I was in the middle of the road?"

"Yea you were unconscious. I don't know how though."

"The last thing I remember is falling asleep in my bed."

"Well you weren't in your bed when I found you."

I looked at her annoyed "Obviously". She got up to leave.

"Wait! Where are you going"

"To get a dress for the masquerade ball."

Wait. She's not Elena. Elena didn't dress up. But Katherine did. My eyes got wide and I choked on my spit.

"What did you choke on" she asked annoyed.

"Nothing. Can I go with you to get a dress"

"I don't think so. You stay here, and make yourself at home" she smirked an non - Elena like. And she was gone.

I just met Katherine. And she didn't try to kill me! Granted she was acting like Elena but still. That was a good start.

I don't know why I stayed. It has been over an hour, and no one came home yet. Katherine told me to stay, not Elena.

Speak of the devil, I thought. Elena came walking in, but she wasn't alone. Stefan and Damon was following. Oh great, I thought.

I froze, I was scared to see what Damon would do. They finally realized I was there, and immediately Stefan was in front of Elena. I couldn't understand what was happening because, the next thing I knew, I was on the wall with Damon hand around my throat.

I couldn't breath. I tried prying his hand from my throat, but of course I wasn't strong enough. I looked into his cold blue eyes, and pleaded "please... Can't... Breath". His eyes seemed to soften for a second, but they became hard again. But he did let me go. I slid to the floor, while he said "human"

"Obviously" I muttered, but of course he heard me. I tried standing up leaning on the floor for support.

"Who are you" Elena said with to much confidence for my liking, but I answered anyway.

"My name is Jessica Smith. You should remember me. You brought me here when you found me on the middle of the road. Unless it was a twin." I looked at her. "Or doppelganger. Katherine perhaps. But before you attack me, again" I looked at Damon. "I did not come her to harm you. I don't know how I got here, but I will try to help you. You just have to trust me."

"Trust you! We hardly know you!" Damon exclaimed.

"I realize that. But if you don't trust me, I will let what happens next... Happen. But if you trust me I will help you. I know your past and your future. I know all of you. All you have to do is trust me and protect me from your enemy's. Since I'm human. So, can i stay here?"

"No!" Damon snapped. I shied away from his stare. "Don't be a dick Damon" Jeremy said waltzing in the house. He looked me up and down "of course you can stay here". Damon just got told.

"Thanks your way nicer than Damon." I said looking at Damon. "Also I know what you guys are, and who you are. But you need my help so I wouldn't attack me Damon" I said eyeing him.

"How do you know so much?" Stefan asked. "Let's just say I see things before they happen and after sometimes . Your Elena" I pointed at her. "Damon and Stefan." I looked at them. "And Jeremy".

"You all are going to have a nickname. Ready?" I asked.

"Seriously?" Damon asked. "Yes seriously. You know if you were nicer to me we could be friends . Just not as nice as Stefan. We only need one of him. No offence". I replied looking at Stefan. Jeremy laughed amused.

"Okay, Stefan's is Steffie. Damon's is Dae or (Damn)on." At the second nickname Damon laughed, while I smirked. "Jeremy's is Jere bear. And Elena's is 'Lena." I smiled proud of myself. "I like my second nickname." Damon smiled. "I knew you would" I rolled my eyes.

"So I heard from Katherine their is a ball tonight. I would like to go. I could help you with Katherine, if you would like. I would need a dress though of course. You just need to trust me that I will tell you when things need to be stopped." I breathed out.

"I think we could use all the help we could get. But we can't just trust you. You need to gain our trust." Stefan replied.

"Of course. I understand, I will try to gain your trust" I said. It will be fun to kill someone I thought out of the blue. Whet the hell? Why did I think that?

"Well I need a dress. But I have no money. Or a car. Either the Salvatore's would like to lend some money, or we compel the cashier to take it for free. The choice is yours."

"I will take you but we are not compelling anyone. You also need to change. You can lend some of my clothes for now." Elena said.

I slowly looked down at my pajamas. A black tank top and owl pajama pants. I suddenly felt self-conscious. I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Thanks, but then I need money" I looked between Stefan and Damon expectantly. "Oh I also need a phone if something goes bad, you know like. Someone takes me for my knowledge."

"Here just take my credit card." Stefan said handing me a card.

"Thanks Steffie!" I exclaimed.

He looked at me like he was done with me. "Are you annoyed Stefan?"

"I'm not annoyed"

"Don't lie Stefan"

"Bye boys" I waved, and followed Elena to her room to change.

5 minutes later we were walking back down and Damon met us at the front door. "You look good in Elena's clothes" Damon said, looking me up and down. "Um, thanks" I blushed and walked out the door, with Elena following. I made sure Stefan's credit card was in the jeans pocket.

I got in the passenger side and closed the door, Elena copying. Once Elena was ready to go she said "ignore Damon. He flirts with everyone."

"Yea, I know." She started driving down the road. " But before he tried to kill me. Katherine didn't try to kill me, but Damon tried."
She just nodded.
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