Ducked Off

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February 3, 2017 (11 Days Until Valentine's Day)

Ever since last Friday, I haven't seen Asia. She's been ducked off for real! She's barely been answering my texts and just straight up stopped responding to me on Wednesday. The last thing I texted her was about Valentine's Day. I know she got it too! How do you go from responding in one second to not responding at all? I wanted to slap her because I knew she was leaving me on "read". I know she didn't fall asleep either because that hoe watched my Snap story! When folks do that, you gotta pull up on them!

Asia and I both live in LC6 but we're not roommates. I'm in her room all the time though! I'm like her honorary 5th roommate and she's mine. That hoe even broke my lamp playing around and still hasn't paid for it! I know when she's in her room and when she's not because both of us barely go out. So, after I got back from my 5:00 class, I immediately went up to her room and started knocking on the door. I was more so banging on the door than knocking because I was blowed!

I shouted, "You know who this is Asia! Open up!"

A few seconds later she opened the door and I went off!
"I know you got my texts hoe! What's wrong with you? Why are you ignoring me? I haven't seen you in a week!"

She sighed and shook her head. "I know. It's just been a lot that I've been dealing with."

I know my best friend. I knew something wasn't right with her, just like last Friday. I was mad at myself for not realizing sooner. I knew it had to be nigga problems! I swear that'll get you depressed!

I put my hands on my hip. "Girl, what's wrong? You know you can tell me anything. What did Ricardo do now?"

She rolled her eyes. "You know that young nigga is always getting on my nerves. Nothing new."

Ricardo is a year younger than us and is in 12th grade. Personally, I'm not trying to talk to a young nigga. If these old niggas can't get it right, what makes you think junior can? 'Cardo is cute. He's a good 6'1'' with chocolate brown skin and a body to die for. He's a hoe though! I don't even know why Asia keep trying with him.

"Maybe you need to give him up and get with a nigga from around here. These niggas our age and older ain't about nothing either but maybe they'll come with less problems."

Asia looked down at the ground. "Naw, that's definitely not gonna work out."

"Hey, maybe we'll luck up and find a good nigga like Abrahm..."

"Can we not talk about him and Kyra?"

"What's up with you and them? How are we going from talking about their relationship 24/7 to not at all? Are you not telling me something?"

She walked over to her sofa across the room, not answering my question.

"Tell me something! It doesn't make sense how you're acting."

I'm not gonna tell you because I already know how you're gonna react."

I tried to come up with my own conclusion. "Abraham must be trying to talk to you?"


"He has to be cheating on her though. He has to be! Is he cheating on her?"

She didn't say anything. As every second went past, my blood started to boil. My heart was about to beat out of my chest. The one good nigga on campus is cheating! Then, he's cheating on my Kyra of all people! With how she's been faithful to him, she definitely doesn't deserve to be tossed to the side like that!

I closed my eyes and clinched my fists together. "Asia, please tell me that you're playing."

"I wish I was 'Cole. I saw it for myself. I be seeing him in the car with that girl Erika who be promoting parties with TRU Squad. I saw them again a couple of nights ago when I went to take out my trash in the stadium parking lot."

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. "Naw! That has to be something else. He gotta be an Uber driver on campus or something on the low."

Asia smacked her lips. "He's cheating on the low."

"Naw now Asia! He couldn't be cheating on Kyra with Erika. If you're gonna cheat, you gotta do better than what you have. The whole basketball team had that girl and I know the Ques are in rotation! She be all up on the stage at Carver Gym twerking and throwing it back."

"That's exactly what she's doing with Abrahm. Throwing it back!"

I plopped down on the sofa beside her and folded my arms.

"I can't believe this."

"You need to. You know all these boys want is easy sex. They don't care where they get it from either."

"How are we gonna tell Kyra?"

Asia leaned up. "Hold up, you want to tell Kyra?"

"Duh! That's our girl and her nigga is cheating on her. Imagine if she finds out that we knew and didn't say anything."

Asia leaned back and crossed her legs. "I'm not even getting in that. We don't know what they have going on."

I smacked my lips. "You already in it because you told me and you been acting funny since you found out. Stop playing around. We're gonna come to Kyra with straight facts. No rumors or lies."

"What are you talking about doing 'Cole?"

"We're gonna pull up on that no good nigga!"


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