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Dear Agony

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Dear agony, you the only sensation

I have ever known

and your pain is my only pleasure

why wont you just leave me alone

you've made all my friends

turn their backs on each other

and keep making me think

about all the times we spent together

yesterday there were 5 of us

today there are only 2

the only one thats left

is the only one that ever was true

you broke us apart and tore us up

and you did it with no regrets

all i want to know is

how you got into my life the day we met

just go away! you've done enough damage here

you tore me in half and left me for dead

i've had enough, now im begging you to leave

ad stop messing with my head

youve started so much drama

and caused so much pain

youre no longer welcome here

because youve been driving us all insane

the time has finally come

that i put all this nosence to an end

there is no one left for you to torture

so go somewhere else and make a "friend"

we are finally free

from you and your relentless little visit

you dont control me any more

and I will tell every one your game is bullshit

if you wanna keep telling lies, go ahead

ive already paid the painful price

just beware, I will sell you out

and I wont think twice....

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