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Words: One thousand, three hundred and seventy three words.

Third Person POV

Luke woke up next to Michael and smiled, then frowned at the memories of the previous night. Michael sensing his sadness, woke up and cuddled into Luke's side. Luke smiled and kissed the boy's forehead, cuddling his little prince. He didn't want this day to start and them have to go to school. It sucked, but that's what they had to do. Michael didn't have any of his regular clothes that he'd wear, and Luke remembered that he didn't like clothes that were masculine for him, so Luke looked over in the corner and saw one of his moving boxes that belonged to his cousin, that she never picked up.

Luke looked at the time and saw it was almost time for them to get up and get ready for school. "Mikey, baby boy, you have to get up if you want to make it to school." Luke said, ruffling Michael's hair a bit. 

Michael nodded, not even paying attention to what Luke was saying. Everything then registered in Michael's head and he nodded, getting up to go to the bathroom then remembered he didn't know his way around Luke's house.

Michael shyly looked over at Luke and asked where the bathroom was. Luke looked up and forgot to tell him where it was, leading him to where the bathroom was and got lots of clothes for him, not knowing what would fit the small boy. 

Michael was very excited and happy that Luke accepted him and got undressed, this is the time he took the time to fully look at himself. He then started to point out some insecurities. He didn't his nose, the gap in his teeth, his voice and how it got really high pitched when he got excited, his body overall to start with and all these horrible bruises and scars he'd probably have for a while. He never liked the way he walked, or when he was aware of his own breathing because he tried to balance it out and he'd take too much of a long breath and he didn't like anything about him. But when he was with Luke, everything he hated about himself went away and he was content. 

Ignoring all of these sad thoughts, he stepped into the shower and used the body wash, shampoo and conditioner. He was very content with himself at the moment and looked through the clothes once he got out. He put on a pastel pink skirt and a white ruffled tank top. He smiled and looked at his hair realizing now that he has to re color it as soon as he can, but with what money was beyond him. He sighed and started to blow dry and comb his hair. He smiled once he was done and went out for Luke to go in and pecked the now sleeping boys lips repeatedly.

"Lukey, baby you have to get up for school!" Mikey said and smiled.

"I think we should stay home, we have a lot to talk about today." Luke said and Michael got kind of scared at the thought of his father getting the call that he wasn't at school.

Michael started to shake slightly, but Luke noticed and held him, "I'll call the school and pretend to be your father. They won't know the difference and don't care either babe don't worry."  Michael nodded and smiled a bit, knowing his soulmate definitely cared. 

Luke looked at the boy and then picked up the phone to call the school. Once everything was sorted, the pair started to couple and Luke leaned over and looked at Michael, just cuddling him and being cute, they know they had to get some clothes for Michael over at his dad's house. He knew Michael didn't want to but they had to when his father left to work at the business he owned. 

Michael and Luke just were cuddling and it started innocently, but the way Michael was moving his hips, it was just perfect on Luke and it caused him to let out a deep moan. Michael looked up at Luke and was confused but realized what he was doing and smirked, moving slowly then picking up.

Luke moaned and put his head into Michael's shoulder to cover his moans and put his hands on Michael's hips speeding him up. Michael giggled and flipped over to see Luke and straddled him, continuously grinding his hips. Luke got hard and bit his lip. 

Just then, Calum opened the door, "Hey Luke I just wanted to borr- OH MY GOD!" Calum looked and screamed covering his eyes, running out of the room going to Ashton. 

Michael giggled and kissed Luke's lips again, "We should go now baby." Michael said and started getting off of Luke, then Luke grabbed his hips and kept him there. 

"I have a problem." Luke said and sighed, making Michael giggle and move his hips against Luke's then he rolled over and got off, running into the bathroom.

Luke laughed and got up to change. He put on skinny jeans and a white shirt, then went to the downstairs bathroom and brushed his teeth. Michael sighed in content and waited for Luke to get out of the bathroom, so he could kiss him. Michael looked back on what had happened in the matter of a week; he met his soulmate, he made amazing friends, and now he's moving in with his soulmate. That makes him so happy.

 Michael heard Luke coming to the room, humming a song, which made Michael smile and look at the door waiting for Luke to enter it. Once Luke entered the door, Michael pounced on him and giggled. Luke smiled and kissed Michael's head. Michael kissed Luke. He got then changed into a skirt and a cute high rise shirt. Luke looked at his soulmate in pure adoration. He was very happy. They had gotten up to go and saw Luke's moms car and he silently thanked her for letting him borrow the car. He got the keys and unlocked the car, opening the door for Michael.

They drove off in silence, the anxiety building in Michael; he hoped his father wasn't there. Honestly, he didn't know what he'd do if his father was home. 

They drove to the house and saw the driveway empty, an exhale of relief leaving Michael as the couple got out of the car. Michael knew where the key was hidden, so he got it and then opened the door, running upstairs to get what he needed and the clothes. Once he opened his door, he saw his room entirely trashed. He gasped and sighed, knowing this would come from his father. 

He grabbed clothes and a box of things he'd need. Going into his bathroom, he gasped upon seeing his father on the floor passed out. He stepped over him and hoped nothing would happen to him. He made it just fine, until he felt himself touch a body.

Michael rushed and ran out of the room, running outside and bumping into Luke; upon that, he pulled Luke to the car and he turned and saw his father. 

"You'll regret being with that f.aggot! Watch you'll see. I'll make you just as miserable as I am." Michael's dad shouted and Luke drove off, the tires screeching. 

Michael was shaking nervously. Luke grabbed his hand and rubbed circles with his thumb on Michael trying to calm him down.

It worked and Michael smiled gratefully at Luke, kissing his hand. He'd always dreamed of a love like the one he's starting to have now with Luke. He wants everything to be perfect, although he knows it probably won't happen, but he's very happy and wants this to be a never ending thing.


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