✯ | chapter four

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DURING THE TIME in which Leila cleaned her wounds, Raven had successfully had the bullet removed from her spinal cord, though it was only a matter of time before they could find out if she could walk again. Taking Abby's word that she would be in safe hands, Finn followed Leila through the Ark towards the room which contained Bellamy and Murphy.

As they reached the doors, darkness had fallen, casting shadows across the corridors by the dim lights on the walls, provided they were still working after the harsh drop to Earth. As Finn opened the door, Leila ran inside and saw Bellamy slumped against a wall, hands tied with a miserable expression on his face.

Looking up at her as she stopped just inside the doorway, a small smiled graced his lips. "There you are, Sunshine."

"Bell," Leila gasped in relief, rushing towards him and kneeling beside him. "When I heard that you got yourself arrested, I was about ready to come in here and shoot you myself. What the hell were you thinking?"

"I wasn't thinking," Bellamy replied. "Wait, I was. I was thinking about you. Only you."

"God, I love you," Leila sighed, leaning forwards and kissing Bellamy, despite all her insinuations that she would not kiss him because of how bloody his face was.

In that moment, she didn't care.

"Get up," Finn ordered, kneeling beside the couple as they broke apart, both rather breathless. "We're going after them."

Finn brought out a pair of bolt cutters and got to his feet, using them to cut the metal zip-ties around Bellamy's wrists. As soon as he was free, he reached for Leila and pulled her into his arms. Melting into his embrace, Leila gripped the back of his shirt and buried her face in the shoulder of his jacket.

"It's about time," Bellamy sighed, tightening his grip on the brunette. "I've waited so long to hug you."

Leila smiled, hugging Bellamy. "Me too, Bell. Me too."

As they got up and made to leave, Murphy's voice stopped them. "W-w-wait, wait. What about me?"

Turning to the boy, Leila cast him a foul look, flashing the fresh bandages covering her wrists to the boy, who remained tied up on the floor a little way away from where Bellamy had been.

"What about you?" Leila asked. "You expect us to let you come with us– Bellamy, what are you doing?"

Bellamy picked up the bolt cutters and walked towards Murphy, who cringed away from him in fear. Finn lunged forwards towards Bellamy and held out a hand to stop him from moving. "No, wait, no! What are you doing?"

Bellamy cut the zip-tie at the end, leaving the restraints firmly fastened around Murphy's wrists. Reaching forwards towards the cowering boy, Bellamy grabbed the front of Murphy's shirt. "He's coming with us."

"No way," Finn and Leila protested at the same time, Bellamy hauling Murphy to his feet to emphasise his argument.

"He's been to the Grounder prison camp," Bellamy replied.

"He's right," Murphy said heavily. "Okay. I can take you there."

"Hey, Sterling just signalled," Monroe called from her position as lookout. "Someone's coming."

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