Author's Note

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Hi, all.  Kim here.

I know I’ve been promising you, the readers, a more accessible access to the Rachel and Trent short I wrote last year, and after many starts and stops and unexpected dips in the road, I think we at Harper and myself have found a way.

But you know I’m a horrible tease . . . There’s no way I’m going to give it to you all at once. Therefore, I’ll be dividing it up between now and the release of The Undead Pool. You can sign up to read it as I post the excerpts, and together we’ll count down the last remaining weeks.

Just so you know, this short will read a little differently from my usual style. I wrote it for an audience that was unfamiliar with the Hollows, or maybe even urban fantasy altogether. (So please excuse any continuality error. I put them there, but they work for the goal I had at the time.) Chronologically, "Trouble on Reserve" really doesn’t fit anywhere specific in the timeline, but reading it right now, right before The Undead Pool, is probably the best time, spoiler-wise.



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