Chapter 1

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Celeste's POV

It has been such a long day today. In just a few more minutes or so, I can go home and relax. I was currently reading to all the 3 year old kids who were listening animatedly to my story. All of them are so cute, paying attention to me with their doe eyes.

I love my job here. Well, I'm actually the owner of the nursery, but I also like spending time with all the kids, so sometimes I teach them or just read to them.

It was time, and all the kids were going back home with their guardian. I was talking to a parent when my eye caught Cleora. Cleo is a lovely 4 year old kid. She's very sweet, friendly, and talkative, and she's always smiling, but today she seemed a little off.

I walked towards her and bend down beside her. Her face instantly lit up when she saw me. I know she likes me a lot, and she loves it when I spend time with her, so do I. I've been teaching her since she was 3, and I've grown very fond of her. Of course I love all the other kids here too, but I don't know why I feel a strong connection with her. It feels like she's my own. And her beautiful Prussian blue eyes always reminds me of him.

"Hey, Princess Cleo. Why were you looking so sad?" I asked as I held her close to me.

"Daddy yelled at me yesterday." She said softly.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I was asking for Mommy. He got angry and told me that Mommy is never coming back, and that she doesn't love me or Daddy." She said sadly, and my heart broke looking at her. How can a father say something like that to his little daughter? There are other ways to explain to a kid.

I do know that she doesn't have a mother because most of the time her nanny comes to pick her up, and she told me that her father is a busy man, and her mother is gone. Gone where, I have no idea.

"Oh, sweetie! Don't be sad. I'm sure your mommy loves you. And maybe your Daddy was having a bad day yesterday that's why he yelled at you." I explained.

"Everybody has a mommy, but I don't." She said. Her eyes glistening with tears.

"Cleo...." I trailed off.

"Nobody loves me." She cried.

"That is not true. Your Daddy loves you. And even I love you." I said.

"Really?" She asked, looking at me.

"Yes." I smiled, nodding my head.

"Will you be my Mommy?" She asked me with her big sparkling Prussian eyes, and my eyes widened.

"Honey, that's not possible." I said. She pouted as tears start falling from her eyes, and my heart ached at the sight. I hate seeing children cry.

"Please don't cry, Sweetie. I'm sure your Mommy will be back."

"She won't." Cleo cried.

"Baby...." My eyes moistened. God, what is wrong with me? I shouldn't be crying.

"Listen. I would love for you to be my daughter, but you see, it's just not possible."

"Why? You can talk to Daddy!" She said.

"I can't. It just can't happen. Anyways, your Daddy is a busy man, right? So I won't be able to talk to him." I said, trying to push the topic away.

"You can. He's coming today." She said happily. Uh-Oh!

"He is? But what happened to Rita? Your nanny?" I asked.

"She left 2 days ago. So Daddy have to take care of me now." She said.

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