= Chapter 2 =

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" Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend or maybe even something more than that..."

- Jeremy Lockhart



Arriving in our apartment in Florida was definitely a relief for me. I almost had 10 heart attacks on the flight due to the turbulence.

Today was a Sunday and since school was starting tomorrow already, I decided to look around the neighborhood for a job while mum stayed at home to rest.

I took a packet of skittles out of my bag– I always have one in my bag, they were like oxygen to my lungs. Scooting around the corner, my eyes fell upon an ice cream parlor which looked similar to the one back in LA.

Eager, I ran towards the ice cream parlor. Maybe it could replace the ice cream parlor back in LA which was a nightmare.

The bell at the door rang as I pushed the doors wide open. The wide range of ice cream lay in front of me and I could hear it screaming for me to eat it all up.

"Welcome to the one and only ice palace, how may I help you?" A sweet voice interrupted my train of delicious thoughts.

My eyes came upon a a girl with curly strawberry blonde hair smiling in delight.

"I wasn't actually looking for any ice cream...instead I wanted to know if there were any jobs available here?"

"Hmmm...jobs eh? Well I could sweet talk my boss into letting you have a job at the counter. I mean at least we would have more customers." She said while resting her chin on her fist.

"More customers? Why more?"

"Look at yourself in the mirror, you're gorgeous and that's equivalent to more boys." She winked at me.

" I doubt that would happen but if that could get me a job then I'm in. I'm Skylar Torres." I stretched out my hand with a wide smile.

"Willow, Willow Anderson. Are you new in town by any chance?" She asked with a perfectly raised eyebrow.

"Yes, and I'll be studying in Cambridge High for my junior year."

"OH MY GOD!! You must be the new girl that the principal announced about. You've been the talk of the  school recently and I'm the first lucky person to meet you. " She said with a cheeky smile.

"I have to get ready for school tomorrow but could you call me if I get the job?"

"You can count on me for that, I'll see you around I guess." She said before attending to the other impatient customers.

Standing outside the ice cream parlor, I fist pumped the air in joy that there would be a possibility of getting job. Without any further delay, I dashed back home.

It was soon evening when I reached home and my bed was the only thing that could please me  right now. My mum was still asleep so I didn't bother cooking dinner.

Plugging in my earphones, I listened to my Panic!At the disco album while jumping on my new bed with only a baggy T-shirt on.

Little did I know, we had such a thing called neighbors and windows. And well...my windows were wide open.

"Babe, your body is a wonderland!!" A guy from across wolf whistled. And it wasn't just any guy, it was a 12 year old boy with jet black hair.

Immediately pausing my music, I walked over to the window with an annoyed look.

"Dude, you're a 12 year old. Stop hitting on a girl who is 4 years older than you. "

"Babe, I can do anything I want and I might even go on a date with you." He winked which turned out more like him blinking both eyes at the same time.

Gagging at his words, I raised my middle finger but right at that moment, another person decided to join our little conflict.

"May I ask why the hell you're raising your middle finger at my brother?" A pair of mysterious grey eyes narrowed at me.

Now that specimen across me is what I call hot—even hotter than the bottom of my laptop. He had raven black hair like his brother and a few strands falling over his eyebrows. And don't get me started with his jaw.

"Well your brother started flirting with me!!" I argued back like a child.

All eyes landed now on his tiny brother who was smiling with guilt.

"Dante, you can't blame me that she's hot as fuck!" Okay now I'm sure he is no ordinary 12 year old boy.

"Get to bed, enano. We'll talk about this tomorrow." His older brother said in a firm voice while ruffling his younger brother's hair.

Before leaving, he turned back once more.

"People call me Mateo but you can call me tonight." He winked before following his brother's instruction.

Shivering in disgust, I turned my attention back to the hot specimen whose name is Dante. It even sounds hot when you say it, he's going to be the death of me I swear.

His grey eyes pierced my emerald orbs. There was silence, not even a car drove by. Becoming conscious of my clothing, I pulled the hem of my baggy Tshirt downwards.

"I think you should keep Mateo in a cage, he's way too flirty."

Seriously Skylar?! Is that the only comment you could say?

"Well my brother may be a flirt, but he sure knows a hot girl when he sees one." His eyes scan me from head to toe before smirking at my reaction.

My cheeks started to heat up, did he indirectly say I'm hot?!? Now I can dig my grave.

With that, he left the window, leaving me speechless and slightly dizzy.

How am I going to survive with this boy?

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