Dream Girl

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I’m Angelica, 5’4’’ tall, mestiza, beautiful, sexy, smart, rich, kind, down to earth, athletic, dancer, singer, artist, guitar, piano, violin and drum player. I know everything and very talented. I’m the perfect girl and I have everything that every guy wanted. Unfortunately, I’m just a dream girl, literally, I’m only existing in May Ann’s dream. She’s not that pretty so she created me. I’m the girl she wanted to be. What she can’t do, I can, what she doesn’t have, I do, she’s real, I’m not.

May Ann is my creator. She is a school nerd, often a bully victim. She has these big thick glasses, as thick as the glass’ bottom, that hide her beautiful brown eyes and long thick lashes. She also has a shoulder length black curly and frizzy hair that is always french braided. Her skin is soft, smooth and dark, but not as dark as negritos. By seeing her, it’s unbelievable that their family is rich. They have their own clothing company. Aside from being super rich, she is also super smart, sweet and kind.

“Meow! Meow!” Her alarm clock sounded loudly that made her jerked out of sleep. She chose that sound for her to wake up whether she likes it or not because she has a big fear of cats. She fixed herself and quickly went to school.

At school, when she walked on the pathway everyone murmured, whispered and laughed. She knew they were making fun of her but she just ignored them because she was used to it. She stood tall, chest out, chin up and confidently walked like Shamcey Supsup. Her good-looking friend approach from her back like a mushroom and whispered to her, “You have a stain on your skirt.” Then May Ann’s mood changed from confident to embarrass. Her friend guided her and covered her back.

 For being the queen of bad luck, she was still lucky because she has a cute, smart, kind and sweet friend like Joey. They were best friends and classmates since they were first year.

Joey P. Brosas, also called by May Ann as jelly peanut butter is the school heartthrob. He’s the best friend and secret love of May Ann. May Ann is afraid to tell her feelings to Joey because she thinks Joey won’t choose her over those beautiful girls at school who also like Joey.

It was near Christmas vacation. May Ann was about to tell her true feelings to her best friend and she even made a letter, but there’s a weird incident happened. Their teacher introduced a new student. The transferee looks exactly like me. May Ann’s armpit and palm were wet and her eyes widen. She was so shocked and confused if she’s dreaming or not.  She couldn’t believed that the girl she created in her dreams was in front of her alive and real. The new girl and I was so much alike, the cute tantalizing eyes, the high-bridged nose, the perfect brows, the long thick lashes, the thin red kissable lips, the angelic face, the sexy body, the korean inspired curled hair, everything was what May Ann created and dreamed of. The new girl introduced herself as Angelica also. Why do they have the same look, the same name? May Ann was more confused. Angelica seated beside Joey.

Angelica fell in love with Joey. That wasn’t weird because Joey is very handsome and masculine. What was weird was May Ann’s dreams came true, Angelica love Joey and Joey love Angelica too. Unfortunately, May Ann and Angelica were not the same anymore, unlike in May Ann’s dreams.

It was then a Christmas party, the last day before the Christmas vacation. May Ann saw Angelica and Joey kissing at the darkest part of the locker hall. May Ann’s heart was tore into pieces and she was obviously hurt. Angelica said to May Ann after they noticed she was there, “Seen the ugly, never seen so ugly. At first glance so ugly, a more careful look, ugly!” May Ann were unable to hold her tears. She ran away and Joey was about to run after her but Angelica stopped Joey. And because of what happened May Ann was so mad and irritated. She wanted to get even with Angelica. She wanted Angelica to pay back. 

I became an ugly, smelly, beggar in May Ann’s dream. Because she hated Angelica in real life, she hated me too. During that Christmas vacation, May Ann hired a stylist. That was the start of her transformation. Her hair was straightened, her thick ugly eyeglasses was replaced by contact lenses. She also used all kinds of glutathione like food supplements, soap, cream, lotion, everything. From top to toe she changed even her attitudes. She became a complete different person. She became flirt and mean. During that vacation also, Joey called, texted and even visited her in their mansion but she never replied, answered and talked to him.

She became the most famous girl at school. All attentions and eyes were to her.  It was like she has a potion that made every guy liked her and made them idiots that do crazy things just to impress her. She never talked to Joey and Angelica. Many guys asked May Ann to go with them to the JS prom and May Ann said yes to Michael. Even though she doesn’t talk to Joey she still wanted to be with him to the prom. She was the most gorgeous woman that night. She was wearing a tulle strapless corseted gown with gathered fabric in the bodice in a herringbone pattern, lace up back and floral appliqués flowing from bust line to hip and through the skirt. She was with Michael. She never had a chance to leave the dance floor. Every guy wanted to dance with her specially Joey. When Joey got the chance, he immediately went to May Ann leaving Angelica alone.  “I wish the old May Ann back,” Joey said to May Ann sadly. “Why? Don’t you like me, more beautiful, more attractive?” May Ann wondered. Joey said no and May Ann asked why. Joey took a letter from his pocket and said, “Because of this. I want to answer her back.” May Ann asked what would Joey answer if the old May Ann was back and Joey said she would say he doesn’t like her. Again, May Ann’s world collapsed. Her tears flowed down on her cheeks and then Joey wiped it and said, “I wouldn’t say I like her because I love her since the day she made me laugh like it’s the end of the world.” She was so glad and speechless. She leaned on Joey’s chest and heard his hearts beat, “Meow! Meow!” A real big ugly cat jumping on her bed waked her up and ended her dream.

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