Chapter Six

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That evening, I wasn't at all in my mood. We were Tuesday and I needed to quickly find a job that would procure me some money before the weekend.

What could I do?

I got up from my bed because of an urgent need to pee. The toilets were for all and were at the end of each floor's corridor. Only the bathrooms were in each room for privacy.
I wore my slippers and left my room. It was seven thirty, soon eight. But I wasn't going to go for supper. I'd lost all appetite because of frustration. I needed to find something before the weekend.

I walked down the hallway to the toilets. On getting in, there were some girls making up and chatting in front of the mirrors. How could one make up just to go down to the cafeteria, eat and return?

I shook my head and got into a cabin. The toilets were clean but I still wiped the seat with some toilet paper before sitting.
I couldn't help but listen to the conversation going on between those girls, in front of the mirrors.

"Ha! I know right. But I'm so happy to be here!" one said.

"Yeah! The hot boys! Oh my gosh. The senior year guys are the sexiest."

"All the boys here, are! Even freshmen like us. I've always dreamt of coming to Greenwill."

"For the studies?" The second girl asked, surprised.

"Hahahaha no, silly! For the parties! And the boys!"

I rolled my eyes. I felt some pity for their parents. My momma would have a heart attack if she ever heard me say the kind of things they were saying.

"I know right!" the other giggled, "This Saturday is the freshman party!" 



"Yeah! Didn't you see it on your timetable? It's Saturday! Apparently, this university owns a club in town. That's where the party's gonna take place."

"Oh my fucking gosh! Yes! Perfect way to meet new people."

They both giggled.
As for me, I silently hoped it was a joke. Saturday? How Saturday? I was supposed to spend my weekends in Brownsville.

"And the thing is, it's compulsory for all freshmen. The seniors have a choice."

Oh no. What would I tell my mother and friends? They'd be sad if I did not show up for the weekend. I would have to call and explain.
After the girls left, I did same.

I returned and made sure to call my mom and tell her. She wasn't disappointed and said I could always visit any other time. Yazz too understood. King had a little difficulty in understanding though but he finally did.
After all explanations done, I sat down and thought.

"Naw, like seriously? Freshman party? Why didn't I think of it?" I said to myself, rolling my eyes as I collapsed on my bed.
A minute later, there was a knock at my door. I went to open it and there stood a senior year student.

"Good evening." she said

"Yes, good evening."

"Here." she took a brochure from a pack of other brochures in her arm, and handed it to me. I took it.

"What's this?"

"Read to know." she turned on a heel and left.

I stared confused before entering my room.

I sat on my bed and read the brochure. It was one advertising the different sorority groups of the university and the advantages they could bring us in future.
Never ever had I thought of joining a sorority. To me they were groups full of rude/mean girls.

But I read the advantages of these sororities. The fact that you were in one of them could help you get a job in future, easily. And for someone like me, who didn't have any money, I had to join a sorority. I chose the one who fit me most or who favoured what I wanted to be in future. A lawyer. I chose Beta Theta.

The auditions or whatsoever for all sororities and fraternities were Saturday morning. I would attend them.


The week flew faster than I could imagine and soon we were Saturday. I still hadn't found a job.

I woke up at eight and stretched. I had to quickly shower and get ready. All the freshmen who wished to integrate a sorority or fraternity had to go to the different meeting places at nine.

I showered and got dressed. Not really knowing what to wear, I wore a white short and a jersey. And of course, I did my same ol' scattered ponytail. I wasn't really someone who cared about my appearance.
I wore my old converse shoes and left my room.
According to the brochure, beta theta was meeting in the school's gym.

I reached the gym and noticed about twenty girls all sitting on the benches and waiting. I caught their attention because unlike them, I wasn't in heels and tiny skirts. Of course they gave me odd looks and whispered among themselves.

I ignored them and sat on a bench separated from theirs so I was on my side, and they were in theirs.
I put my hands on my laps and waited too.

Then I noticed that same girl. The one who'd pushed me in the hallway the day before. She smirked at me. I rolled my eyes, giving her a bored and sleepy look.

I wasn't surprised when she stood up and folded her arms, getting everyone's attention.

"Well, well, well. Who do we have here? Miss barbarian." she provoked and most girls giggled.

I stared at her before slowly raising both hands and clapping in a sarcastic manner.

"Wow. I'm surprised you know a big word. Wow. Bravo." I said lazily and slowly shaking my head.

She scoffed and frowned.

"What are you doing here?" a girl sitting asked rudely, looking at me like I was some trashy stuff. I widened my eyes at her in a playful manner.

"Who spoke to you, miss busy body?" I asked, provokingly. "Let me guess. You're one of the chiwawas to this princess??"


ome few gasps could be heard and giggles too. The second girl stood up angrily.

"Do you know who you're speaking to??" she asked angrily.

I rolled my eyes, giving a bored look.

"An airhead?" I asked with an innocent smile.

The other girls giggled lowly again.

"See, careful! You don't know me!" she said angrily and the first princess calmed her down.

"It's okay, Bree. Calm down. She hasn't seen the worse of us." she said.

"Right. Listen to your mistress and sit." I stated, folding my arms.
Both girls angrily returned to their seats.

I sighed.

Staying indifferent would be very hard for me. Being quiet would even be more difficult.
We all silently waited for the beta theta girls to arrive.

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