Chapter One -Fox-

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The smell of smoke, and sex permeated the air saturating me in the sinful deeds I was about to commit. I had never been to an auction where the item that we were bidding upon was alive. Still I was here with a pocket full of cash and a more than willing cock that needed some virgin action.

"Tonight we have a beauty up for grabs..." Tony the big burly man that always put these underground auctions together spoke into the microphone. My body was already reacting to the tension, and desires of the other men in the room. We all had our eyes on one thing and one thing only.

The virgin.

"Her name's Raven and she's going to use the money earned tonight to go to college..." Tony's voice trailed off in my head as my eyes went straight to the stage where the innocent little lamb would be standing any second now. Normally virgins weren't my cup of tea. They were inexperienced, clumsy, and always seemed to cling to you like you were a God or something all because you broke their hymn.

"Shall we reveal the lovely Raven to you all?" Tony asked, earning himself a hoot and holler from the crowd of over aged, and overpaid men.

Beads of sweat formed against my brow, as my stomach twisted in knots. I didn't know what was wrong with me but something felt off. Like I was about to have the rug ripped right out from underneath me.

Before I could comprehend what was going on the stage lights were turning on revealing a nearly naked woman with black hair that had purple streaks in it. I tried to suck in a breath but couldn't my body refusing to do anything but stare at the temptress before me.

"The starting bid is fifty thousand. Do I have any takers?" Tony smirked at the crowd, as Raven's eyes sought out someone, anyone to protect her. Her curves were on full display and her plump breasts were pushed up almost falling out the top of the bra she was wearing.

She was perfect, and exactly what I didn't need right now.

"Fifty thousand." I announced without even a thought as to what I was going to do with the brat if I won the bid. I could take her back to the mansion and fuck her senseless or I could give her to my brother?

Maybe we could share her?

"One hundred thousand." Another man across the room shouted causing everyone to stir. I eyed the little lamb on the stage as she tried to look through the bright lights and out into the crowd to see who was her new master was.

Was she worth it?

She was naturally beautiful, and she wanted an education which meant she had at least a good head on her shoulders, then again I had to question why she would be here trying to get the money to go to school when they had things like financial aide and shit.

"Five hundred thousand." I licked my lips wondering if she would taste as sweet as she looked. Silence settled over the crowd, and I knew I had won, Raven. There would be other women that came through the auction tonight and most of the men here didn't want to spend there money on the first thing they saw.

It was a good thing I wasn't like most men. I could see the shudder run down Raven's back as she turned and walked off the stage as one of Tony's men came over to me to collect payment. I grabbed the checkbook from the inside of my suit jacket and wrote Tony out a check for five hundred thousand dollars. Then I signed it and walked back stage to find my new pet.

My legs were stiff and my feet felt as if they had bricks tied to them. I didn't know why I was dragging so much. It wasn't as if it was my first time purchasing such a sweet little thing like her. It was the first time I felt this way about a woman though.

"Let go of me." A strong female voice pierced my soul, and I noticed one of Tony's guards had his hand on my virgin. Before I could truly digest the scene I was stepping between them forcing the guards hand away.

"She belongs to me now, and I would appreciate it greatly if you didn't touch her." I snarled, seeing red for a second as I moved Raven and I away from the guard. The guard didn't care though, he rolled his eyes and backed away heading back towards the stage to do whatever else Tony wanted. I had killed men for doing lesser things, so the control I showed surprised me.

"I belong to no one. My virginity on the other hand belongs to you and once that's done I'll be on my way." She tried to look strong, but one could only do so for so long when facing evil head on.

I pushed her against the wall, my hand gripping her by the chin forcing her dark eyes to meet mine.

"Your body, soul, and mind belong to me now. If I tell you to do something, you will do it or you will face the consequences." I narrowed my eyes, my cock growing hard at the defiance in her eyes. Breaking her wouldn't only be a joy, but it would be a pleasure.

She had a back bone, and I could see that just from the way she spoke but I also knew she was afraid simply in the way her small frame shook as I raised my hand to push back a lock of her hair from her face.

"I answer to no one..." Her face was made of stone showing no emotion as she spoke.

I couldn't help but smile because the front she was putting up was one that I could easily break through with nothing but the touch of my hand.

"You my dear answer to me..." I trailed a finger over the top of her breast that was falling out of the top of her bra. She wasn't wearing any panties and even though I wanted her pussy I knew she wasn't ready for me to dip my fingers into her just yet.

She swatted my hand away and a deep robust laugh fell from my lips. I gripped her hand in mine tightly, squeezing it almost painfully.

"I will fuck you in every way known to man kind and what's worse than that is that you will want it little lamb. You will be dripping for me, your cunt will be soaked with need and there will be nothing that you can do about it." Her body shook a shiver blanketing her skin.

The look in her eyes said she hated me already but she had an entire lifetime to feel that way and I would change that look into need very, very soon. Raven was mine my little lamb. My pure virgin and I would do whatever I felt like doing to her.

"I despise men like you." Her chest heaved with each breath she took in. I leaned into her face feeling her soft pants against my lips.

"Good, because I'm not out to love you little lamb. I'm out to break you." With the words already out, I gripped her hand tightly in mine dragging her towards the back door where my driver always picked me up. Her barefooted feet tried to dig into the cement floor but it was no use. She could fight all she wanted. In fact it made me harder when she fought.

"You can have my virginity, but you'll never have my soul. You'll never have my mind. You'll never have me." God the defiance that dripped from her words enraged me as much as it made me want to bend her over in the backseat of my limo and fuck her.

"Get inside the fucking car before I decide to do something crazy like fuck you right here where anyone could see us." She looked at me straight in the eyes, testing me, wondering if I would really do it. Second ticked by before she realized I was serious and opened the door to the limo slipping inside her bare ass, and pussy sliding across the leather seats.

"I knew you would see things my way little lamb." I licked my lips, climbing in behind her. I couldn't wait to get her to the mansion and show her off to my father, and brother.

"Drive." I ordered the driver my eyes slipping over to Raven. I would take care of her in the best way. I would give her the education she wanted, and she would be mine.

My little lamb. 

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