Chapter 11 (edited)

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The alarm woke every sleepy student the next morning. I was glad that I forgot to change my clothes, since I barely got out of bed.

The breakfast was tasty, and I managed to eat using a knife and fork. Just when I finished, I saw Tanya approaching me and frowned.

"What do you want?" I asked her. She had been ignoring me ever since we arrived at the school. She sighed and sat beside me.

"I came to apologize. I didn't treat you well. You are my sister, and I want us to be friends," she said with the puppy eyes look. I let out a small laugh.

"Yeah, you sure are sorry. It's not like I'm ever going to believe that. Light and darkness don't go well together, Tanya, and you know it. I don't need your friendship," I said as I stood up, leaving the sad Tanya to sit and watch me leave. She didn't do anything wrong, but she made me feel worthless. I don't forgive so easily.

Tynan was waiting for me in the training field.

"Today, we will practice all of your Elements in your dark form, starting with shape-shifting."

The training was long and difficult, but I had fun. I learned how to shift shapes faster, I can make shadows stay longer and I can make myself nearly disappear.

I was completely covered in sweat by the time we finished.

"Tomorrow, you get your dragon. It will be a little larger than a horse. Your dragon is male, right? What's his name?" Tynan asked.

"Areton," I said instantly. I couldn't forget his name. He was my dragon, after all.

After lunch, I decided to do some exploring outside the school ground. Since I knew that the guards wouldn't let me leave, and the fence was too high to climb over, I knew that I had to shape-shift. I made my way through the tree patch and went to the fence. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, concentrating. I changed into a crow and flew over the fence quickly, so nobody could see me.

The other side wasn't so different from the inside. Trees and grass. I wanted to travel as a wolf, but the training took too much energy, so I couldn't do it. My legs were aching, but I wanted to explore. I was a War Commander, after all, and I had to know my surroundings. Anyway, I would use that as the excuse if I was caught.

While I was walking, I decided to spend the time wisely by giving everything that had happened so far a thought.

I found out that my sister and I were Dragon Riders. Then I found out that I was adopted and was told that I was an Ice Giant. Afterwards, I was told that I was some kind of demon monster, a creature of Darkness and that I had two Elements: Darkness and Shape-Shifting, and I had become a War Commander. All the students hate me and I have no idea what happened to Jack. I am a trickster whose senses were buried from all that was happening.

My life, everybody. By the time I finished thinking, I noticed that I had wandered quite far. I was standing in a clearing now with a small house in front of me. It looked abandoned, with the roof almost gone and the walls full of holes.

I decided to go in. Yes, yes, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. I stepped into the broken down house, trying not to suffocate from all the dust. I just hoped it wouldn't bury me alive.

I explored the empty rooms, and when I was sure that nothing interesting was left there to see, I decided to go back. Just when I stepped out of the house, I heard a scream from the trees nearby. I suspected a trap, but I was curious. I was sure that I could shift shapes if I was in danger, and I knew how to fight.

I made my way towards the screams slowly, and now I could make out the words.

"Help!" I heard, and I heard growling. I started running, knowing that someone was being attacked by some kind of creature. Forests were full of hostile monsters.

I ran through the trees and saw a little girl with a ripped dress sitting on the ground with a giant growling wolf in front of her, getting ready to attack. When I say giant, I mean it. The wolf was as big as I was, if not bigger.

I knew that my duty as a Dragon Rider was to help people and save lives, so that's what I was going to do. The wolf hadn't seen me yet, so I had a chance of winning, even with low energy.

I made my shadow appear in front of the wolf, making it draw a sword. The wolf growled at the shadow as I sneaked in behind it. I didn't know how to make my shadow's attacks not pass through the enemies, so I had to do all the work. As the wolf lunged at the shadow, it disappeared and I was already on its back with both daggers stabbed into its shoulders. It howled in pain and tried to shake me off, but I already had my sword at its throat and I was delivering the final blow.

The wolf plummeted to the ground and I pulled out my daggers, sheathing them again as well as my sword. Then I approached the trembling girl.

"Are you okay?" I asked and offered my hand to help her up. She nodded and gave me her hand. Luckily, she was light so I pulled her to her feet easily, but as soon as I let go of her, she fell back to the ground.

"S-sorry... My legs are w-weak... Please, h-help me," she begged. Just then, I saw huge gashes at her sides and legs. I sighed, knowing that carrying her was the only way of getting her to the school. She needed to be healed there and then sent back home after she was fully recovered.

I scooped her up, grateful that she was light. I'mpretty sure she passed out after a minute of travelling. And so, the long tripbegan.ͽ��D�K���

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