Romance in the Eyes of a Lover

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  • Dedicated to Jackie Olmedo

Romance in the Eyes of a Lover

By: Stephen Than

        As the morning light streamed through the blinds like a gentle lover’s caress, I awoke with contentment filling me until I felt I was going to explode filled with love. I looked to my left to find my beautiful lover lying there, completely asleep and unaware of my loving gaze. I looked over his calm face and habitually raised my hand to trace the planes and lines that made him so beautiful.

          I slid a finger over his face, exploring the beauty that is my boyfriend. His calm nature made him unaware of my presence until he chose to arise from his slumber. I felt the smooth skin of his face, learning the feel of his eyelids, nose, lips, cheek, and forehead. I cupped his cheek and laid a gentle kiss on his head, a small gesture compared to my true feelings, to wake him up.

          My heart skipped a beat as I noticed hazel-green eyes looking at me lovingly. I could only stare as his eyes were the feature that attracted me so strongly. The mix of a beautiful milk-chocolate-brown and a light Kelly-green to form his beautiful and unique eyes made me feel the instant attraction that I remember them to be when I first met him.

          He lured me into his loving grasp as he enchanted my heart and mind with that powerful gaze. I became his prisoner of passion and affection. I had never known that a love could be so powerful until I felt his. He captured me as though I was an easily acquired inexpensive item made. It made no difference for he treasured me as I had always wanted to be treated since I was a teen, like a rare irreplaceable gem.

          “Good morning, mon amour.” His French made me shiver as the erotic sounding words escaped his throat in a gruff and hoarse way. It made me remember the night we had spent together in bed, making love, expressing our passion and need for each other’s company.

          “Good morning. Did you enjoy last night?” I said.  We continued to stare into each other’s gaze as I continued to hold his cheek in a lover’s cases.

          “Oui, I enjoyed making love to you as I always do, tout les nuits.” Every night. Again the exotic language made me shiver and close my eyes as the passion in his voice made me totally content with this position. “Mon amour, we must arise so we may explore the contents of what our day will hold together, as we finally, on the rare occasion, have a day off on the same day. Nous doivons aller au cinéma et à la plage.” I thought about what he said and thought about what he wanted. He wanted to go to the movies and the beach. I wondered what he wanted to do at the movies and the beach.

          “Okay. What movie do you wanna see?” His head raised and gave me a peck on the lips and his hand cupped my cheek as I had been doing to him.

          “I would like to see any movie that you are interested in seeing. Je t’aime, mon amour. Je veux être avec toi toujours.” I love you, my love. I want to be with you forever. I felt my heart swell at his words and I kissed his lips and pulled away. “We must start getting ready to go out if we are to see a movie soon. It seems we had slept half the day away. I felt as though I could not awaken while I felt so content while holding you so close to me.” His words had that smooth effect on my and I felt as though I was melting into his arms as he wove them around my aching body.

          I kissed him once more before slowly untangling myself from him to go to the shower. I sensed that he was trailing me, following me to our shower, like a puppy following its master. In no way could he be classified as a small puppy, more like a large snarling hound. I turned on the water to full heat and waited until the water warmed up. His smooth shaven arms wrapped around my slender waist and I melted against his embrace. His heat made me reach up, behind me, and wrap my arms around his neck. I, sometimes, couldn’t believe that he was real and that he was making me feel this way.

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