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Again, he flipped me over. But this time, he sat me up. My arms were handcuffed my back, my eyes blindfolded, and all my clothes were gone, except my bra. I sat on my knees, waiting for his next orders. I heard him unbuckle his pants, and the sound of fabric come off of his skin. I felt his hand come behind my head, pushing my head towards his member.

I opened my mouth wide, and allowed him to do as he pleases. My head was moving at a decent pace, going up, and down on his member. He than stopped, and un-cuffed my hands from behind, me allowing me to take control now.

I wrapped my tiny hands around his member, and started to stroke it gently. I put my mouth around just the tip of his member, earning a slight moan from him. I started to make circles around the tip with my tongue, making him shiver. I started to take in more of his member, going up and down on it at a steady pace.

I moved faster, and had gotten deeper. Pre-cum had dripped inside my mouth, some of it dripping onto my bare stomach. He then pushed his member deeper down my throat, triggering my gag reflexes. I pulled back, and string of saliva followed me. Once I was done coughing, I put my moth around his member again, going deeper than I usually do.

I was using both my hands, and mouth to pleasure him more. His moans were getting louder, and louder, filling up the room. I felt him shift his weight a bit, then all of a sudden the tail started to vibrate. I pulled back on him, and feel down on my back. It felt so good, and I couldn't even continue on pleasuring him. He turned up the vibration causing me to moan out loudly.

"Call me master," he says loudly. "M-M-Master it f-fells so good~" I moaned out. He got off the bed, and then came back on the bed. Then I felt little strings of leather going down my stomach, and down to my womanhood are. He turned down the vibration of the tail to where I was able to talk with out being a moaning mess.

"Keis-- I-I mean, Master. What are you doing?" I asked. I heard him chuckled, then felt a whip lash over my stomach, causing me to have a mix of pain and pleasure. "Don't question your master, my kitten", he spoke out. Then a felt another lash on my stomach again, causing me to jump a bit. "Ahh, my kitten is enjoying this isn't she," he whispers in a sadistic tone. I didn't answer, which caused him to hit me with the whip again.

"Answer me, my kitten," he purrs lowly. "Yes Master, I enjoy this." I heard him laugh a bit, then hits me with again, and again. He hits me with it a total of 4 times in a row. My stomach is stinging a bit with both pain, and pleasure.

"You were such a bad girl today my kitten." the whip comes down on my thighs this time. "You were bending down trying to get your masters attention." He hits me with the whip on my other thigh, causing me to close my legs on hm. "Now you have my full attention, kitten." The whip comes down on both of my thighs causing a loud moan from me.

"Now my kitten will get an ultimate treat for being such a good girl through this." He spreads my legs open, and licks his fingers. He then sticks two fingers inside my womanhood. I let out a soft moan, and push onto his fingers. "~M-m-master, please go f-faster~" His speed increases slightly, making me moan in pleasure. " ~Ahh, M-master it f-feels g-good.~"  He pulls out his two fingers making me sad that his fingers aren't filling me up.

"You want something bigger my kitten?"

"Y-yes m-master Please fill me with your cock.~"

"As you wish, my kitten." He pulled me close to him, and placed his member near my entrance. He slowly started to slide his tip him, I moaned quietly, trying not to be too loud. He started to push more of himself in me, causing me to moan out louder this time.

Once he was fully inside me, I adjusted myself a bit, and gave him the signal to move. Keisuke started to move slowly, but increased the speed the louder I started to moan out. "Mmm. . . Ahhh~ master. . . more please~ " I moaned out. His speed increased a bit more, making the head board of out bed move.

He pulled out, and flipped me over on my hands and knees. "Be a good kitten, and call out my name ~ " He inserted his member back inside me, and started to move at a fast rate. " M. . .master~ Ahh, Y. . . yes. Please don't stop~ ", I moaned out. I earned a slap on my butt for that, making him be a little bit more rough with me. I enjoyed this though. I enjoyed when he would be gentle in the beginning, and then he will unleash his beasts.

The bed was moving, and the headboard kept hitting the wall. Keisuke grabbed some of my hair, and gently pulled my head back. My hand extended forward and I grabbed the headboard. He slapped the whip across my back, making arch very low. " Ahh. . . I- I'm close. . . Mmm.. ~"

"Yeah m. . me too," he says lowly, moaning just a bit. He increased the speed causing my entire body to move up on the bed. "K. . .Keisuke !~ I screamed out his name as I came all over. He continued going, until he pulled out releasing his love milk on my back. I had collapsed on the bed, while he got off the bed to clean up the mess we had made.

He came back in the room with napkins, and undid the blindfold from my eyes. I looked around the room, and saw all of our toys on the ground. I pulled the tail out of me, and threw it down onto the floor, feeling relief flow through my body. I looked over my body to see scratches, and bruises from the whips. Keisuke can get out of hand, but that's okay.

Once he cleaned up our mess, we laid in the bed together, both exhausted from our session. "Don't tease my kitten, or you'll get punished ~," he teased me. "I might have to be more of a naughty kitten then," I giggled. He pulled me close to his chest, allowing the heat from his body to warm me up.

"Keisuke. . . This was the best valentine's day ever!"


Next day later


"Keisuke, why are you in such a good mood today?" Seiya asked me. "Yeah man, your screams are good today," Daiki also replied.

"No reason guys," Keisuke responded back to his band mates. "There has to be a rea on. You are only in a good mood when you have sex, or someone gives you chocolate," Hiroto said. They all crowded around me, trying to figure out what was going on inside my head.

"Well. . ." Before I could finished Daiki interrupted me.

"You must've had some valentine's day sex!"

"Guys. . ."

"Keisuke got laid, Keisuke got laid," Seiya started to tease me.

"Yes I got laid. Now let's get back to work," I said to them all. They all looked at me, and then got back to working like we should've been doing in the first place.


A/N: Request Complete. And on time too! I had fun writing this, since I never write such lewd stuff (I do, just never publish them). So I hope you enjoy it ! Again, I am excepting some request, just not all due to my secret story for you guys ^_^

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