[SS] Midnight Express

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its like a cinderalla story ♥

martyr nga ba o mahal lang talagang tunay?


Midnight Express

It was like a cinderella story for me knowing that being with that someone is just temporary . It was years of miscommunication and surprisingly our roads had crossed again but I know we will be just passing on the intersection where our roads will crossed and after some few minutes, everything will be over.

I faced many consequences of getting involved again in her journey, but I faced everything without a word cause I know these will be just for a while.

 i Was happy then, being with the girl I love. Letting her fool me again was nothing, for I wanna be with her side, help her out even for a while.

Seeing her happy and making her smile replaced my weary heart into gladness. I do not expect her to thank me, I just want to show that I care til the time was over.

Midnight has come and she need to go, unluckily I havent had that one shoe to keep. I may not see her again but I hope our roads will meet again and that time we will be for always.


cover/BANNER : all credits to the source! thnks


THANK yoU!!!


i dedicate this to    inosentengbabae   or sunako ako

kasi may cinderella story din sya. :D

at mahal ko yan ha!

and kay cinderboy ko.

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