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Lauren woke up early the next morning, immediately aware of the weight on her chest.

She was confused, but couldn't help but softly smile once she opened her eyes. The sun was coming up, and the room was just bright enough for Lauren to be able to see the adorable sight in front of her.

Camila was peacefully asleep on top of her, her head laid right on her chest and legs straddling her waist. Her face was relaxed, and her thumb was still hanging loosely from her mouth. Lauren quietly slipped it out, holding back a laugh when Camila's arm fell loosely next to her, proving she was practically dead to the world.

Lauren cooed, noticing how her shirt had ridden up in her sleep, and you could just barely see the waistline of Camila's pull up peeking out over her shorts. Lauren rubbed her lower back, content in having Camila's small warm body snuggled up to her own.

She watched her for a moment, lost in thought. Camila was truly the most beautifully adorable thing she'd ever seen, and her heart raced at the smallest things, like way her nose twitched in her sleep. Lauren was happy things were moving along with their relashionship, and was happy that this time, it was completely on Camila's terms. She just hoped the girl loved her back just as much as she did.

"Good morning sleepyhead" Lauren cooed, once she noticed Camila start to stir awake.

"Hi lolo" she whispered, still in her sleepy daze.

"What do you want to do today princess?" Lauren asked, still rubbing Camila's back.

"Can we go swimming?" Camila yawned, rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"Sure honey, but let's wait until it's a little warmer outside k? It's still pretty early so how about I get us some breakfast and we can watch some TV in bed" Lauren suggested.

Camila nodded, and Lauren headed to the kitchen for food while Camila fiddled with the TV remote. She made Camila scrambled eggs and potatoes, while she had an omelet instead. After getting them both a glass of orange juice, she made her way upstairs, carrying the food and a foldout tray under her arm.

Lauren got them both settled, placing the tray in front of Camila. They both dug in, watching the random Disney movie Camila had chosen.

"What's that?" Camila whispered, pointing at the omelet on Lauren's plate.

"It's an omelet, wanna try some?" Lauren asked. Camila nodded shyly, and Lauren was about to hand her the fork when she saw the girl open her mouth slightly. Lauren smiled widely, cutting a small bite off and scooping it into Camila's mouth.

"Yummy?" Lauren asked, seeing the girl smile at the taste.

"Mhmm, more?" She asked, opening her mouth once again. Lauren laughed, feeding her another bite. She didn't mind sharing, and she'd do anything to see Camila smile.

"I think I'll just have to start making you omelets in the morning" Lauren laughed, teasingly wiping the corners of Camila's mouth.

"Alright baby, why don't you go get a swimsuit on while I clean up okay?" Lauren said, stacking up their plates on the tray. Camila nodded, hopping off the bed and making her way to her room.

She looked at both suitcases, trying to decided what she was feeling. She did want to swim, which automatically eliminated some of the ones in her big suitcase, since most of them weren't even meant for water. She pulled out a few options, looking at each one.

She was feeling little today, or at least as little as she could without getting nervous. She'd mostly stuck to little clothes while on this trip, and it'd provided her with more comfort than her normal clothes would. Taking another deep breath, she reached for one of the little swimsuits.

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