Kakuzu - Request

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Name: Akane Nekoko

Body Shape: Hourglass

Favorite colour: Red or Black

Personality: sassy but shy and a tiny bit like Hidan with the swearing only very quiet.

Lemon Time!

I sat at the kitchen table eating my sandwich that I had meticulously put together. Nothing beat a good sandwich. Especially after training with Itachi. The man was easy on the eyes but that didn't stop him from pushing you to your limit.

I was savoring the first bite of my sandwich when Hidan and Kakuzu returned from a mission. I could tell it was them because Hidan shouted as he entered the base.

"For fuck sakes!!! Would it be to much to ask for one uninterrupted ritual?!!!"

"Shut up, Hidan.You sound like a child." Kakuzu complained.

The two of them entered the kitchen.

"Akane! Just the woman I wanted to see!" Hidan sat down beside me and put his arm around me like I was his girlfriend... which I wasn't. "What do you say we sneak off to my room and have some fun? I need to unwind."

"I'm not a booty call." I answered quietly. "Isn't that what your right hand is for?" I gave him a slight smirk.

He fell out of his chair like he'd been smacked in the face. "Sass me all you want. I know you want me."

I rolled my eyes.

Kakuzu sat down with a beer he'd taken from the fridge.

Hidan recovered from the floor and stood up. "Kakuzu, buddy! What do you say we-"

"So you swing that way too." I interrupted. "If that's the case why don't you try asking Deidara to fuck with you?"

"That's not what I was going to say!!! Where the hell do you get these crazy ideas!?!"

I simply kept my mouth shut. I wasn't about to tell him how dirty my mind could be.

"Whatever! I'm out of here!" Hidan raged and left in a huff.

I snickered quietly to myself.

"You are the only one I've seen that can make him leave a room that quickly."

I blushed. Kakuzu was the one Akatsuki member that I was the most shy around. Because my focus was on Hidan just now, I was able to set Kakuzu in the back of my mind. Whenever it was just the two of us, I found my mind running wild with all the things I wanted him to do to me. Thus the blush.

"Th-Thank you."

Kakuzu took another sip of his beer. "Have you ever played poker?"

I shook my head.

"Its a shame, you'd probably make good money."

Money was always good. "W-Will you teach me?"

Kakuzu smirked. "Follow me." He chugged back the rest of his beer and I followed him to his room.

He set up a low standing folding table and grabbed a deck of cards. We sat down opposite each other and he shuffled the deck. I listened intently while he explained the rules. He mentioned something about chips that represented money, but I didn't see that he had anything like that.

"Any questions?"

"I-If we're playing poker, don't we need the chips?"

He gave me another smirk. "We're playing strip poker."

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