;chapter seventeen

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a/n: ok idk bout y'all but the way joey tucks his hair in his hats really get me fucked up yo😍😩

Alaska's pov
i woke up @ 11:30am to a call from Joey.

J-"did i wake you up?"
A-"yeah but it's fine."
J-"sorry but i need to talk to you."
A-"is everything ok?"
J-"i'll be over in 2 minutes."
A-"ok bye."

that was weird. i wonder what's going on.

all the sudden, there was a knock on the door, then joey came in.

"good morning." "morning" he said emotionless. "what's wrong?" "um...i-i just wanna talk to you about something really important."-J. "ok..."

Joey's pov
i had no idea how to tell her. i didn't want to tell her.

"uh...i'm moving." "where?"-A. "North Carolina..." "what?! that's all the way across the country."-A. "ik & i'm sorry. my mom got a new job." her eyes teared up & she hugged me. "we'd barely even see each other ever."-A. "ik Alaska & i'm so sorry." i don't wanna leave.

"what's gonna happen to us?"-A. "we'll work it out. don't worry." "joey, long distance relationships never work."-A. "ours will. i love you way too much to let you go." she nodded.

Alaska's pov
i can't believe he's moving. this is horrible. he says we'll work it out, but long distance relationships never work.

"i wanna spend as much time with you this week as i can so let's do something."-J. "ok." i said sadly. "just forget i said anything. rn i just everything to be like normal."-J. "k." i said putting on a fake smile. "don't be sad," he said lifting my chin with his index finger.

"let's go to the beach or something."-J. "ok."

i grabbed my bikini & ran into my bathroom. i changed into it then realized i forgot my clothes.

i opened the door & Joey's eyes immediately magnetically stuck to me. he was now sitting on my desk chair in the middle of my room.

"holy fuck. you look good." he said as i smiled & rolled my eyes. (a/n: y'all it's bout to go from 5-100 rn)

i bent down to get my clothes & i could feel his eyes on my ass so i kinda stuck it out a little bit to play with him. & today i wasn't wearing a regular bikini, i was wearing a cheeky one.

i looked back at him & he was biting his lip. "fuck." he whispered under his breath. "what was that?" i said perking an eyebrow. "oh nothing."-J.

i hopped over to him & sat on his lap. "are you sure that was nothing?" i asked biting my lip. "Ally stop."-J. "what?" "you know what you're doing."-J. "no not really" i said pretending to think. "what am i doing?" "you're turning me on."-J. "am i?" i said wiggling a little bit. Joey moaned a tiny moan as i did so. "stop." he said letting another tiny moan out but coughed to try to cover it up.

"i'm not doing anything." "Ally."-J. "oops." i said getting off him, grabbing my clothes, & going back to the bathroom.

i put on my clothes ⬇️

then we went to the beach

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then we went to the beach.
———– *after the beach* ———–
i was just chilling at his house cause he went to go pick up a pizza.

"hey Ally. could i talk to you a minute?" Jen asked sitting beside me on the couch. "ofc."

"so i'd imagine that Joey's told you that we're moving to NC, yes?"-Jen. "yeah." i said sadly. "well he doesn't want to go, & since he's 18, it's legal for him to have his own apartment here"-Jen.

"why does he have to go?" "because i'm sure he's told you that he's always wanted to model yeah?"-Jen. "yeah. it's his dream, besides what he's doing rn." "well there's an opportunity waiting for him there."-Jen. "ok so what are you saying?"

"i want you to break up with him."-jen. at that moment, my whole life flipped. i felt dizzy & sick to my stomach.

"what?!" "i know it's hard because it's even hard for me to tell you because you guys are so great together & you make each other so happy but just think of it. you're only doing this for his own good."-Jen.

i don't want him to go but it's true, he has always wanted to be a model.

"how would i do it?" "don't tell him what's going on, just make up an excuse."-Jen. "ok." i said still completely shocked. "thank you so much Ally." Jen said hugging me.

she walked upstairs as Joey entered the house. "hey bab-what's wrong?" he asked rushing over to me as a tear ran down my face. "oh nothing. i was just thinking." "of what?"-J. "nothing. i don't wanna talk about it." "are you sure? you know you can tell me anything."-J. "i know but it's not important." "but you're cryi-"-J. "joey stop, i'm fine." i said & went to the door.

"what are you doing?"-J. "going home. i don't feel good." i said. i left & shut the door after me.

ugh i'm feeling so many emotions rn but i most of all, i feel an extreme pain in my chest. it feels like my heart shattering into a bunch of tiny pieces.

i ran into my house & went straight to my room. i bursted out crying as my mom called my name worried.

i thought about it the whole night as i cried myself to sleep.


ok so this book is coming to an end v soon. prob in like 3-4 chapters i think  maybe. idrk but that's what i'm thinking.

hope y'all enjoyed! luv y'all bye xx

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