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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 11 - She's Been Watching

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I land on my ass, legs spread out, the wind knocked out of me. Blinding golden light is all around. As the glow recedes inward, it reveals the outline of a body. A woman's body.

It's Trisha, the angel's apprentice who thinks I sacrificed her white warriors to close the Gates of Hell. She stands with her hands on her hips. tapping her strappy white Stiletto like she does when she's pissed. As always, she's dressed in a white mini-skirt and silk blouse that makes her look more like she's ready for a night out clubbing than battling demons. Despite her frown, she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. With caramel skin and dark wavy hair, she reminds me of a young Jennifer Lopez.

This is the second time I've seen her with wings. Last night was the first, when she escaped from the hellhole. She told me to go fuck myself with words that exploded in the sky as if it were the Fourth of July.

She reaches down to help me up. At the same time I vomit insects on her shoes. I look at her with a half grin and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. What can she do? If she ended the supposed savior of mankind, she'd be in trouble. I laugh out loud at the thought.

"Eww..." She says in whiny voice and shakes her head, then nonchalantly brushes her hand in the air and the vomit disappears. With her arms crossed, she adds, "What is wrong with you?"

I huff and puff to catch my breath. "What...are you...doing here?"

"I've been watching you."

"You're...stalking me?" Creepy and somehow sexy. Makes me wonder if she watched me shower this morning.

"Ha," she barks. "I'm here to knock some sense into you and get you on the right path."

"Why would I listen to you?" I instantly regret saying it.

"You owe me." She stomps a foot between my legs, narrowly missing my family jewels. Then she bends over and gets in my face. "And I will hurt you."

I jump to my feet. She may work for the side of good, but I don't doubt she'd kick my ass just for the fun of it.

"Where are we?" I look beyond a nearby drop off into a dry and desolate canyon that's a mix of sand, sparse trees and boulders. The beating sun turns my armpits wet and sticky.

"Don't try to change the subject."

"No, really, I'm curious where I was headed?"

"Poison Canyon. West of those mountains are the sand dunes." She closes in on me and pokes my shoulder with a long, red, manicured fingernail. "Don't try to play dumb. You know where you were headed. But you don't seem to care that people are dying while you chase Nina around southern Colorado."

I hang my head, sure she's blaming me for Azael killing Father Timothy and the nuns. My gut burns and this time it's guilt instead of Inez's pancakes.

"It's time you realize this isn't some video game you can just reset." She gets springy on the balls of her feet when she lectures. When my eyes glue to her bouncing tits, she snaps her fingers near my nose. "Are you listening to me?"

"You're about to tell me to stay focused and go after my father. You know how many times I've been told that?" I snap back. "But I now know that Nina's a Daughter of Light, and I won't have her doomed to a life like my mother's."

"What is it with her?" Trisha crosses her arms and pouts her lip.

"Everything that's happened to Nina is my fault." I step forward, my arms stiff at my side, and so does she.

"No, it's not. It's because you think you're in love with her." Her face turns flush. "She doesn't love you. She can't love you."

Am I crazy? Is Trisha's jealous? I look into her eyes, and something about her hot temper is intoxicating.

I can't help myself.

I kiss her.

Blinding light engulfs us. My body releases as if I've been injected with a drug. I should collapse, but something holds me up, lifting me higher. I reach around to grab her and draw her in, but she's not there, at least not physically. I'm lost in the brightness. I want this feeling to linger.

In an instant, her light energy disappears and reality returns. I'm hanging in midair. My face is frozen in the moment with my tongue hanging out, but I don't care. Like a heroin addict, all I want is another fix.

She laughs. "You look goofy."

Her voice snaps me back to reality. "Hey. Put me down." I flail my legs and mumble, "Crazy bitch."

"I've never kissed someone like you and I have to say it was...interesting." Trisha says while looking up at me. "I suppose I liked it, but it wasn't as pleasing as hanging your helpless ass in midair." She turns up an evil grins.

"Put. Me. Down." I take aim at her head and shoot a cigarette from my palm.

She lifts her hand and it falls short. "Nice try. Margery can't hurt me with those things and neither can you.


"You're not going anywhere until you agree to stay focused on your destiny."

"You help me keep Nina away from Azael, and I'll do whatever you want."

"Wow. You're still thinking about her? "I suppose if I let you down, you'd take off to find her."

"You are jealous." Another thing I instantly regret saying because she turns me upside down and drops me on my head. "Damn you." I rub my throbbing, dizzy head and spit dirt. "For the record, I was going after my father, not Nina, when you stopped me."

"What? By yourself. Without the sword," she says. "That's even stupider."

"I really didn't mean to take off this time." I stand back up. "It's these damn feet."

"We can work on whatever powers you seem to be absorbing, but there's still this obsessions with Nina," she says. "So, let's make a deal. I'll find Nina and keep her safe. But the minute you're out of control, I drop her in Azael's lap."

My eyes widen. "You'd take care of her?"

"If you go back to the hotel, promise to listen to Pete, and do what you're told," she says. "Remember I'm watching you."

"Deal." I hold out my hand to shake.

"Howabout we kiss on it instead."

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