The Recognized Rhythm

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(A/n: I just realized that this song up there is the theme for his book ^^^)

Warnings: poorly made parody of a part of Alexander Hamilton, Eddsworld references, doctors appointments, the ninth murder completed, Trump wtf how'd you get this number, mystery oh god who's that buying that ring , shorter chapter (I'm writing a lot of fillers so I can get to the final plot really quick :>) THIS IS ILLOGICAL SO DISREGARD ALL ILLOGICAL SHIT
(Y/n POV)
I entrusted Alexander to make breakfast this morning. Lafayette stood by with a fire extinguisher just in case.
Pretty much everyone was in the kitchen or general area of the kitchen.
Thomas had hold of F/n's phone. They were letting him and Burr listen to different types of their music. Rap came up and they both stopped in their tracts. "His sounds like poetry with music in the background." Burr said, taking out his headphone.
"That's literally what rap is." I said, setting the table with forks and knives.
"I love rapping... Sometimes it's hard to come up with something on the spot though..."
Laurens shrugged, "Do you just think of s subject, because it seems kinda easy to me."
F/n pointed at Alex, "Rap about Alexander or something! If it's easy, have at it."
Burr cleared his throat, a small smirk on his lips.
"How does a bastard, orphan...son of a whore and a Scotsman dragged into a far out and confusing century, sink back down to the level of peasantry-"
"Hey, this isn't a peasant household, Mr. Burr, sir!" I rolled my eyes.
"Sorry, sorry.."
Laurens continued, "The hypnophobic type-writing bother, who can't be bothered, would get a lot further if he were a lot smarter," He picked up a small bottle of oil and gently poured a bit into the pan of dry bacon, "and add oil, so we won't have bacon made 'a charcoal "
(A/n: My name is Sarah. I'm gonna blow it. I wrote this story just to show it. And I, just fucking died. WHAT ARE THESE LYRICS STAB ME IN THE HEART BYE)
"You guys are catching on well, I see." F/n said as they wrapped up their headphones and out their phone away.
Alexander shoved a smirking Laurens away by placing his hand on his face. Laurens laughed.
Let's just say the bacon was burnt.
Jefferson laughed and poked Alex's face, "Classic stupid Hamilton."
Well then, we ate. I filed paperwork and taxes like an adult that I didn't want to be. I got a phone call from the same doctors office saying that the fake medical records I had on file for the boys were overdue and they all needed to come in for blood work and vaccines. I'm so lucky I have impeccable insurance.
Alexander rubbed his shoulder. "Five shots... I was about to fucking throw those shots away if they gave me another."
Jefferson was still blowing out blue dyes from having took the nasal spray of all of them.  He sounded nasally and coughed up the gross substances as well. Mulligan rubbed his inner elbow from the blood work. Laurens and Burr drank bottles of orange juice and ate mini muffins like it was the end of the world. They took a fucking pint of each if theirs.
Madison was laying back and reading a book Burr had given him from days before.
Lafayette was apparently deathly afraid of sharp objects or the idea of needles in the process of getting the blood work done, he had managed to untie his hair. F/n was working on pulling it back for him as he curled up in a smol ball and drake hot chocolate. It's funny how much him and Jefferson look alike. The only way I could tell them apart when they came out of their appointments were the accents.
The news was on.
"It seems the quick Midtown Cannibal takes his second to last victim according to his notes left at the crime scene. 'One more, I'm coming for you, sunshine' was all the last note read. Let's hope the NYPD finds him before it's too late."
"BREAKING NEWS: What would you say if we told you the DNA of about seven of our founding fathers has been found? No, not in descendants, but the exact people found living in Manhattan. Just take a look at this picture." My heart lurched.
There was a side shot of Alexander getting blood work done, tense with the needle in his arm and a stress ball in his fist.
Alex spat out his water and coughed loudly.
"President Trump is saying that he is going to be in contact with these proven living founding fathers-"
The home phone rang.
Oh god.
(Unknown POV)
"Oh that's a beautiful ring, sir, I'm sure your future missus will love it!" The jeweler said as he examined the ring in the box.
I smirked softly.
I'll get her to trust me even more.
(A/n YEAH THAT WAS SHORT. I know. Sorry I've just been distracted by another fandom aka Eddsworld. Tord is strong inspiration for a certain character here LOUD COUGHING you turds already know probably shrug emoji. Alright bye for now)

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