Yoongi and I walked in silence. My thoughts were still lingering on the small fight I had with Mijoo only minutes ago and I was questioning myself. Why did I have to fight her? Now she must be crying and feeling all bad for something she didn't do.

I wanted to go back and apologize to her but I also wanted Yoongi to tell me what's going on. I stared at the back of his head as I followed him. Too busy admiring his jet black hair, I missed the small branch in front of me and ended up tripping on it.

He turned back just in time to catch me. I smiled sheepishly and stood up straight mumbling a 'sorry'.

"You clumsy girl" He said and ruffled my hair catching me by surprise. Am I a kid? He then grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers together saying that he'll lead me just in case I trip again. I felt my heart beat increasing at the small sign of affection and a light pink blush appeared on my cheeks.

We continued to walk. "How far is this place?" I asked him, getting impatient.

"Not that far" He said without looking at me.

"When will we get there?" I asked.

"Soon" He mumbled.

"Couldn't you just tell me back at the mansion?" I said. Why would he want to take me somewhere into the forest just to explain things to me?


"Why not?"

"Because" He gritted his teeth in annoyance.

"Because...?" I trailed off so he could tell me the reason.

Before I could expect an angry response from him, he stopped. I looked at him confused and he smiled a fake smile at me clearly trying to hold in his anger. "We're here" Yoongi spoke calmly.

I looked around to see a beautiful scene. There was a huge lake between the trees. The sky was bright, the sun reflecting on the clear blue water. I saw a duck and some ducklings swimming around in one corner of the lake. The sounds of birds chirping and water splashing could be heard. I gasped and let go of Yoongi's hand to explore further.

"This is .... Amazing" I said with bright eyes. I walked towards the lake and saw a butterfly fly away from a flower. I could hear other animals from inside the woods but couldn't see them. The view was astonishing.

"I know" Yoongi said sitting down on the ground. I took a seat right by the lake and took off my shoes and socks to dip my feet in the water.

"Honestly" I spoke leaning back and breathing in the fresh air. "I thought you were going to take me somewhere scary and rape me"

He chuckled and watched me as I swung my feet in the cold water. "I mean I could still 'make love' to you if you want" He winked and I gasped.

"Please don't" I glared at him but he just smiled.

"So what do you want to know?" He asked changing the conversation to the real reason we were here.

"Everything" I said "I want to know why you kidnapped me. Why you forced me to do things with you" I wrinkled my nose in disgust "And most of all" I looked at him. "What are you?"

"I'll show you" Yoongi said getting up and dusting the back of his pants. I sent him a confused look. He started taking his pants off.

"What the..." I trailed off not knowing what to do. He took all his clothes off and I looked away when it came to his underwear. I heard some noises behind me while I stared at the lake still confused. When he didn't say anything for a while, I decided to turn around.

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