38 - Caden

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The door finally opened and I couldn't help but do a double take as I take in Grace. She was stunning. The light reflected her beautiful saphire eyes and the dress and jean jacket complimented her soft silver hair that was braided like...Elsa's?

Leave it to Karina to go Disney.

"You look amazingly beautiful Grace." I say in awe as she stops infront of.me, a blush creeping up her face as she takes in my attire. I had on a pair of fitted jeans and a button up business shirt with the sleeves rolled up but she wouldn't be able to tell unless I took off my black eather jacket.

"Thanks, you look handsom as well." She stutters slightly and I couldn't help but chuckle as I take her hand and pull her closer to me, wrapping my arms around her waist as I take in her scent.

"Now I owe you a date, so why don't I take you out while everyone finishes this stupid event. Just you and me." I whisper in her ear before leaning back to look into her happy sparklingeyes.

"I'd like that." I smile at her answer and lead her down the hall. She still looked pale from the blood loss, add on to the fact she killed my cousin she must have been exhausted so I was glad for what I had planned.

The cold air reached us as we exited the building, the full moon on view for everyone. Tonight would be the last night of the blue moon and my smile widen.

"What are you thinking?" I look down to Grace as she looked into my eyes. One day I would make her my Queen, I just know it.

"I'm thinking about how next year there will be no more run." He eyes widen and she grins as well, turning her face to look at the moon.

"Thats a dream come true for a lot of she wolves." She whispers and I nodd.

"But what will replace The Run?" Her question had me frowning and I couldn't help but look away as her eyes came to search my face.

"I'm don't know." And this was the truth. But I'm sure I would find something new. I just prayed that I found the answer before the next run happened.

But as long as I have Grace beside me I know things would work out. Love always has a way of fixing everything.

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