Chapter One

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They're late.

The stupid band that we were supposed to be touring with is two hours late. I was standing outside our own bus with my arms crossed. We were leaving to go to our first venue soon, and them being late by two hours was driving me up the wall.

"Max, calm down, it's probably traffic or something," Monte said, trying to reassure me, although I could see there was very little traffic on the roads near us.

"Well, this is bullshit," I grumbled, mostly to myself.

We were supposed to be touring with some band called Insomniac Outcasts. I've seen some videos of their interviews and, personally, I don't like them.

I mean, the singer seems okay, but I don't like the drummer or lead guitarist's personallities. From the videos I've seen of them, the drummer is really quiet and closed off. The lead guitarist seems arrogant and stuck up.

Right as I was about to stomp off onto my own bus, a large tour bus arrived with "Insomniac Outcast" printed in bright, bold letters on its side. Monte and I shared a quick glance, before walking up to the door. Monte knocked, and a guy that looked to be about twenty four answered. I recognized him as being the lead singer.

He had the typical rock star look. Black hair, brown eyes, lots of tattoos. He was tall, skinny, and considerably attractive.

"What?" He asked, looking tired and irate with us for knocking. He leaned against the frame of their bus door to look at us.

"Hi, I'm Monte, that's Max," Monte said, pointing to me.

"I'm Chris," he said groggily, shaking both of our hands quickly.

"Why were you two hours late?" I asked, sounding way more hostile than I meant to.

"We got a late start. Sorry," he said, before he walked off the bus and toward who I guessed was their manager, who'd left the bus through a different door during our exchange. Two more guys walked out shortly after Chris, then a girl with dark brown hair and green/gray eyes.

"Sup," she said, nodding her head at us, then she went toward the others for a quick meeting with their manager.

A few minutes later, the brunette went back inside the bus, but I could hear what she was saying, since the door was still open.

"Mandy, get up," the woman said. Then there was some groaning.

"Get up," she tried again. This time there was no noise at all.

"Get up!" She yelled. Then I heard what sounded like a smack.

"Fine!" The girl I guessed was Mandy said, sounding angry at the other woman for disturbing her nap. The first girl walked out of the bus, followed by a very livid looking Mandy.

It doesn't even look like she took the time to look mildly presentable.

Then I realized who all the other band mates were. We already knew who Chris was, but one of the guys, the one with brown hair and bright green eyes was Mike, he was the bassist. The other guy was Corey, the rhythm guitarist. The girl with dark brown hair was Maddie, she was the drummer. And Mandy was the blonde, bitchy lead guitarist! I felt so stupid for only now remembering everyone else. They were all gathered around their manager and our own, talking about the details of the tour before we all headed out tonight.

"Quit staring at them," Craig, our singer said as he walked out of our own tour bus, presumably to greet the band finally joining us.

"I just remembered which one was which," I said to him.

"I've listened to some of their music, it's not bad. It's kinda catchy. It's a little violent sometimes, but I like them," Craig said, scanning over the group.

"I don't," I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Well get over it, at least for the time being," Craig said before walking toward the gathering of people.


Our manager just told our group what time Insomniac Outcast would be playing tonight after we kicked off our tour. Craig had walked over to introduce himself, and now Maddie and I were walking back towards the bus to wait on our show time.

We were touring with Escape the Fate, and a few other smaller bands I've never heard of. I like Escape the Fate's sound, but I don't really care for any of the bandmates, except for Monte. It might be just because we are both guitarists, but he seems nice.

I've never really paid attention to Robert, Craig seemed nice, and Max seemed like a dick. He's way too cocky for my taste, but he's pretty easy on the eyes, I will admit.

I don't like his interview personality, but since I've never met him, I'm willing to give the real him a chance, I could be wrong about him.

"What are you thinking about?" Maddie asked me, snapping me out of my daze.

"Huh? Nothing," I lied quickly, I knew she'd pick on me if I told her I was spending too much thought on one guy. No matter how cute he was.

"Liar, but I'm not gonna make you tell me, because I know you won't," Maddie said grumpily, and I shrugged.

I was a stubborn sort, and I rarely budged once I set my mind on something. I was also notoriously outspoken, and kept no opinions to myself, despite how often I get myself in trouble.

I quickly told Maddie I was going to discuss setup with Chris, and I left the bus in search of him. While I was walking and thinking, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going until I bumped into someone and we both fell back on our asses.

"Watch where the fuck you're going," the person I bumped into said.

I winced as I pushed myself to my feet. I knew that was going to leave a mark. I finally looked at the guy and as it turned out, I ran into Max Green from Escape the Fate.

"I wasn't paying attention, sorry," I muttered, trying not to sound bitchy as I dusted my rear off.

"Yeah, I know," He dead-panned in response, rolling his eyes at me while also getting up.

What was his problem?

"You're just as guilty, if you saw I wasn't watching where I was going, you could have moved," I ground out angrily.

"Whatever," he growled, then left.

I laughed loudly, he knew I was right. He turned around and flipped me off, which made me laugh harder. So much for being nice and giving the real him a chance. The real him was apparently a brat, too.

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