Take Off Your Pants Before I Burst (BoyxBoy)

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Chapter: 1

Quiet groans came from the backseat as I drove down the familiar street, briefly distracting me no matter how hard I tried to ignore it. Andy and Melissa were sucking eachother's face in the backseat and I couldn't help the sick, awful feeling in my stomach as I tortured myself glancing at them in the rear view mirror.

A few houses away I spotted the familiar white picket fence and ridiculously beautiful lawn and house, coming to a stop in front of it a few seconds later. "Okay, Melissa, we're here", I announced, couldn't helping the glumness sneaking into my voice.

With one final spit swop Andy and Mel finally parted faces so she could swing over him to exit out the car.

Andy slid into the front seat of my car and we were soon off down the street towards our own neighborhood. My hands were gripping the steering wheel to tightly and I could barely keep my breath steady as I inhaled to make the feeling in my stomach go away.

"Listen, man, I'm sorry you had to drive us and all but my cars being fixed", Andy, in his own way, tried to apologize. "It's okay, no problem", I tried to reassure him in the steadiest voice I could manage.

No matter how much I tried not to I loved my best friend. Andy was the most gorgeous boy to me in the whole world even though he had piercings and tattoos. Maybe he wasn't the smartest, or the most sophisticated, and he dated almost every girl in school but I couldn't help but love him with my every being.

Seeing him make out and be with all those girls made me sick to the stomach and made me wish I was dead.

"Dude, slow down", Andy snapped from beside me. I had obliviously sped up to fifty during my train of thought. "Sorry", I muttered and slowed down to normal speed.

"Jay, are you okay?", Andy asked, quickly changing from oblivious to caring in a heartbeat like his usual unpredictable self. Hearing Andy speak my name only slightly lessened the pain. "Yeah, I'm fine", I swallowed and tried to remain expressionless for the rest of the drive.

Once we arrived at my house which conveniently sat right beside Andy's we both exited out with a slam of the door and two half-hearted goodbyes.

Inside I ran upstairs towards my bed room without a glance at my family and kicked off my shoes and all articles of  my clothing except my boxers and crawled into bed. Clearly, across from my bedroom window, I could see Andy doing the exact same thing I had done moments ago so I could see the exact shapes and outline of his abs and every other beautiful toned muscle.

He subconsciously ran a hand through his long sleek jet black hair that fell in a sexy mess of wrispsover  his icy pale blue eyes.

I quickly rolled myself over so instead I was facing the wall instead of Andy's bedroom, painfully observing what I knew I could never have.

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