The Beach (La Esperanza)

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Loren's POV

I honestly don't know why Geo was so mad. He was the that left alone in the house not the other way around.

"I can't believe that Geo would storm off like that" I said

"I know he was the one that left us with Maddie" Zach said

"But why would he storm off?" I asked suspiciously

"Any ways our foods here and food is important so lets eat" Zach said

So we started to eat without any hesitation. The food was delicious and after we ate the waiter gave us sharpies to sign our names on the wall.

Geo's POV

I was confused at first, but then it hit me. Maddie told me that Zach and Loren told us to go ahead but why? Maybe because she wanted to make them both mad or she wanted to make Zach jealous, I'm going to go ahead and guess it's the second one. I'll go with the second one because on the plane when she thought I was asleep (which I wasn't I just didn't want to talk to her) she said something about liking Zach and hating Loren because she was getting all of Zach's attention and shit.

I stormed off and left because I wanted to be at the house before Maddie. This fight ain't going to be pretty.

Zach's POV

I don't understand why Loren cared so much if Geo stormed off, but somehow that's all she talked about so I decided to change the topic

"Hey why don't we just ask him?" I said

She nodded "Good idea" right when she was about tpo pull out her phone and text him I said something

"But first let's play what are the odds" I said

"Ok you go first" she said

"What are the odds that we go skinny dipping?" I said and then added on "We as in You, Geo Maddie and I" and she nodded

"Ok go 1-2-3" she counted

"2" we said in unison

"Ugh c'mon why can't we do something else?" she said

"You said you'd play so text Geo and tell him to tell Maddie that we're getting in the pool but they have to wait for us" I instructed her and she did as told

"Ok done, Geo said he's already there and so is Maddie. They're waiting in us so move" she said getting up

We paid for the dinner and called the Uber, when the Uber dropped us off we ran to the backyard and there was Maddie in her bathing suit and Geo in his. I looked over at Loren and then she looked over at me, we nodded as giving us a signal.

"Hey guys!" she said taking off her shoes

"Hey" Geo said looking at her

"Hi" Maddie said looking at me

I took of my shirt, shoes, socks, and pants. Until I was left in my boxers. Loren did the same until she was in her underwear

"Umm what are you guys doing?" Geo asked us curiously

"Oh did I forget to tell you?" Loren said innocently, then she smirked "We're going skinny dipping" she said

"Yep we are" I said

"Oh so you guys played what are the odds for us without?" Maddie asked

"Exactly" Loren said and got in the pool

"Ok I'm in" Geo said and got in

"Me too" I said and got in

"You guys do know we have to turn the pool lights off though right?" Loren said "Maddie can you be a sweetheart and turn them of?" Loren said

Maddie huffed and went to turn them off. Once she did she got in

"Ok everyone here are the rules: Don't touch if they don't want to be touched and no inappropriate acts" Loren said "Now take them off"

I took my boxers off and threw them towards the chairs.

Loren's POV

I took of my bra but I for sure am not taking my panties of.

"I'm not taking my panties off" I yelled

"Loren eww TMI" Maddie said

"Ok I respect that" was what Geo said

"Fine" was all Zach said

I threw my bra in whichever direction, I really don't care where it goes. Then I started swimming around.

**In The Morning**

Yesterday we all agreed to go to the beach today. So I put on one of my second sexiest bathing suit
(Probably will be up in the picture)

When we got there the first in to jump from the tip of the Muey was Geo I was second Zach was third and then Maddie was last.

We went up the ladder to jump again and then me and Maddie looked over to the beach and there we saw one of the hottest boy ever alive. So I jumped closest to him.

I ended up splashing him "Oh sorry" I said

"No te preocupes no hay problema" he said which means 'it's fine don't worry' in Spanish

"My name is Loren Gray" I said and remembered he talked Spanish "Me llamo Loren Gray" and I stuck out my hand while I was trying to stay above water

"I know English" he said and I was shocked he talked so well "I'm Jose Cruz" he said and shook my hand

"Nice to meet you" I said

'Oh this is going to be the best beach day ever' thought in my head

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