✯ | chapter one

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RUNNING WAS ALL she had been doing for the last God-knows-how-long. Her legs were aching and tight as a coiled spring as all around her she envisioned the enemy chasing them down in order to keep herself moving.

She hadn't had a chance to fully asses her injuries from the battle that night, though if she had to guess she would say that she was probably sporting multiple bloody wounds, bruises on her face and arms, and probably cuts and bruises across her legs. Bellamy didn't look too good either.

"C'mon, Sunshine, keep running!" Bellamy yelled from ahead of her.

Leila had lost sight of Finn and now the only thing keeping her moving was Bellamy, who was sprinting ahead of her with no intention of slowing. Following him despite her muscles screaming at her to stop and her body begging for a rest, Bellamy suddenly jumped over a fallen tree and disappeared from sight.

Leila reached the top and Bellamy held out his hand, helping her over the dead oak as a voice spoke up. "Bellamy? Leila?"

The duo spun around, weapons raised, only to find Monroe and a blonde boy standing opposite them. Leila lowered her weapon with a grateful sigh as she shoved the blade through her belt. She was glad she didn't have to stab anyone. That would've made her feel worse than she already did.

"Get back down," Bellamy demanded, taking Leila by the hand and pulling her towards the fallen tree, her knees buckling as she stumbled down beside him.

"You were followed?" Monroe asked, her voice overly loud in the quiet of the trees.

"Quiet," Bellamy and Leila snapped at the same time, ignoring the questioning looks thrown their way.

As Bellamy kept watch, Leila crouched down and looked at Monroe and the blonde boy. "Have you seen Finn?"

"Finn's alive?" the boy asked.

"He was," Bellamy replied.

"He still is," Leila protested defiantly. She wouldn't believe that Finn was dead until she saw a body.

"We got separated," Bellamy continued. "We knew the fire was coming, so we ran. But one of them followed."

Leila raised an eyebrow. "How'd you guys get out?"

"We– we saw the Ark come down and we thought we'd come get help. Piece of it came down this way. Monroe thinks it's Mecha, but personally I think that–" the blond boy rambled.

"Shh!" Leila hissed, as the sound of voice filled the trees.

"Follow me," Bellamy whispered, standing slowly. "Stay low and quiet."

As the four delinquents reached the top of the slope, the sound of a horse whinnying caught Leila's attention. Crouching low to avoid being spotted, se peered over the edge of the small slope and saw Finn alive and... not so much well.

Him and another boy were being pulled along by a Grounder on horseback, their wrists tied together as they stumbled along wearily.

"I can't go on anymore," the boy beside Finn murmured, before he tripped and fell.

"On your feet!" the Grounder demanded, stopping his horse and turning to the boys.

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