> To My Love

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Harry James Potter,

I know you're probably used to these kinds of letters from other people by now. Especially on days like today, but I decided to write it to you anyway.

You are the reason I came out to my parents. I am not allowed to speak your name at home so I force myself not to do it at school either, because I don't think I could stop once I started.

As I am writing this it is the 6th time we've gotten into a fight this week and I don't think I could fight you again tomorrow even if I wanted to because it is Valentine's day and I know you're going to be surrounding by eligible suitors. Not to mention I feel like if I touch you on the day of love for anything other than to kiss you and show you how much I care for you I will die. I won't try it. I know you hate me.

I don't hate you, though.

To be quite honest with myself, I love you.

I think I always have.

- Draco L. Malfoy


Draco took a deep breath before closing the envelope and marking it with a wax seal. He stuffed it haphazardly in the burn drawer on his desk and tried to convince himself to burn it immediately or throw it away at least, instead. The same way he had done with all the other letters he had written over the years, yet he couldn't bring himself to do so. He pushed himself away from the desk and headed for the common room. He was going to at least try and act normal. He had first and second year tutoring, he had no time to waste. He went back to his room after the children had finished their homework and nervously chatted with his roommates about the appending holiday and how most of the girls in the castle went completely barmy.

The next morning Draco got out of bed and forced himself to wake up Blaise and Nott as well. He thinks they would do the same for him and that made it seem more like scratching their back in advance aside from him being genuinely nice. As he thought about the day it was he grew angrier and angrier. What's so special about today anyway? Potter hates me every other day, how could I think today would be different?

He went to his desk because he had finally decided to destroy the letter. If there was no evidence of his love he could forget it, just like he was sure Potter forgot him when he wasn't around to constantly torture him. He checked the time and swore to himself. It was past time for them to head to breakfast and torture Potter along the way. A small piece of him was glad that the Gryffindork would have a nice day, the other parts of him were sneering with every fiber they had.

"WHO THE FUCK WAS IN MY DESK!?" Draco screeched as he entered the Slytherin common room with a permanent glare and his nostrils flaring. His usually gelled hair was sticking up in odd angles.

"Draco, darling, I thought you were part Veela not part Banshee," spoke Pansy calmly from the other side of the room as she flipped through a Witches Weekly.

"I am not part-anything. I am a pureblood! And I want to know who was in MY DESK!"

"I was," said Millicent Bulstrode shrugging nonchalantly. "It's Valentine's day. It's my job to collect all the Valentines and take them to the owlery to be delivered."

"That doesn't explain why you were on my bloody desk!"

"Well I had to check everyone's desks for valentines. There's a spell, you know? I collect them and take them to those bloody birds and then the spell sorts them out and sends them to the correct ones." Draco blanched as she continued to speak. "-of those bastards bit my finger."

"Wait- so you're saying that any valentines we had in our rooms were sent to that person?"

She nods.

"Even unintentional ones?"

"Uh...yeah, I suppose."

Pansy sat up and closed her magazine before turning wide eyes on Draco.

"You didn't!"

"Not now, Pansy." He turned and rushed back into his room trying to keep the blush from his cheeks.

"Bloody fuck, you did!"

As usual on February 14th, Harry snuck into the common room wearing his invisibility cloak and tried to get to breakfast as early as possible. He would sleep in behind Ron and Hermione then remove his cloak under the table as though he had dropped something and had went to receive it from the floor.

When it was time for the mail, Hedwig came holding a small satchel in her feet and a black envelope in her mouth. He knew the bag was bewitched so that it never got full, but he had never seen that kind of stationary in his life.

Harry looked up from the envelope and his breakfast to see Malfoy calmly walking out of the Great Hall with Pansy Parkison and Blaise Zabini. He narrowed his eyes at their retreating figures. Was Malfoy...blushing!?

Harry looked down at the envelope again and flipped it over a few times. From what he could see it was just a plain envelope. But as he went to open the seal angry letters emblazoned themselves onto the outside.

All Valentines Are To Be Opened Alone

Harry rolled his eyes. That rule had been implemented 2 years prior when a group of his fellow fourth years, at the time, had slipped a recorded Veela song into his valentine bag and the entire castle had been after him for hours until the professors found out what to do about it. He grabbed the bag of letters and headed towards the door with the black envelope in his hands.

"Oi, Harry! Where're you headed?" Ron asked while standing up to follow Harry if need-be.

"Go ahead and finish eating, Ron. I'm just going to go open some of these letters before class and then I can leave the rest in the dorms," Harry said smiling at him honestly. Hermione looked at him and narrowed her eyes, but didn't say anything as she grabbed Ron's robe and tugged him back onto the seat. Once the spotlight had been turned off by his two best friends he rushed up to Gryffindor tower.

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