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Sorry I haven't been very active lately. I have cheerleading 5 days a week for 6 hours after school. I guess that's what I get for being an Allstar:P so in the extra two days I have I like to relax so its kinda hard for me to get things in! Ill update more I promise!


"And the winner for this years breakout artist is" the host pauses as he reads the envelope .

"AUSTIN MAHONE!" He shouts as 'banga banga' starts to play.

Yay! I thought to myself. I stand up and kiss austin on the cheek as he goes on stage.

I sit back down in my chair. I am sitting between austin mahone and Selena Gomez. It's kind of awesome! But I meet famous people all the time because me and austin date.

2 years strong baby!

"Ahh thankyou so much. I couldn't have done it without the fans I love you guys your awesome! Thankyou too my amazing girlfriend y/n my Bestfriend Alex and of course my mom. I love you guys thankyou !" Austin finishes his speech with a heart and he blows a kiss out to the audience as everyone goes wild.

Awww he mentioned me!(:

"We need to celebrate tonight my place" austin winks as he holds his award in his hand. I can't help but to blush with dirty thoughts going through my mind.

*later at home*

"Woah you move fast" I tell austin as he begins to pull down my dress.

"When don't I?" He jokes and starts to kiss my neck as my dress drops to my feet. I step out of it and pull austin over to his bed.

I unbuckle Austin's pants and pull them down. I begin to Unbutton his shirt and I just rip it open as buttons fly everyone.

"This was my favorite shirt" he pouts

"Sorry" I kiss his lips and he groans.

He pulls off his boxers and begins to slip down my lace thang.

"Ready?" He ask positing himself between my legs and I give him a slight nod.

He pushes himself into me slowly letting me adjust to his length .

I let out a little moan and he moves faster thrusting deeper each time.

"A-austin" I moan out and he whips his head back in pleasure.

He begins to massage my breast as he kisses down my neck. Yup that's going to leave a mark.

"Oh y/n you feel so good" he moans thrusting faster.

He finds my G-spot and I scream letting him know he found it.

"Right there keep doing that oh my god" I moan in such pleasure.

I begin to feel a knot in my stomach and it moves downward till I release onto him. His thrust gets sloppy and 3 thrust letter he spills into me.

He lets us come down from our highs and plops beside me.

"Congratulations" I kiss his lips.

"Thankyou baby" he kisses your neck.

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