So guys..... I don't really like the book so far. You guys say its amazing and stuff but its just so hard to explain. School is a big problem for me right now so that hasn't helped ethier. Im Thinking about cancelling the book. What do you guys think. What you guys say might change my mind.

SO....... I won't cancel the book because the people who commeted said i should keep it!! I want to give a big thanks to @hclrbr, @nerdy_girl_1rocks, @magdelenaskye, @AndreaFifer, and who every else reads this book and likes the book. I would really like if when you guys see anything wrong you wold tell me. It would help me be a better writer.  If you want you can ask questions to the people in the book by commenting and they will get answered.LOVE YOU ALL!! Stay awesome!! BAAAHHHIIIII!!!


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