When I wake up, I hear voices in the living room and Harry is talking loudly, sounding thoroughly pissed off. I step out of our room and face the band.

"What's going on?" I ask, not the slightest bit embarassed that I'm only in Harry's t-shirt and my underwear.

"Nothing," Harry's quick to say. Louis glares at him and Harry sighs. "A couple of fans must have snuck in last night and they took all your clothing from our closet and posted pictures of us sleeping on instagram and twitter."

"You're kidding, right?" I clench my jaw.

"Unfortunately not," Louis steps in. "Look for yourself. Actually, maybe don't..."

I grab my phone from the table and look on my instagram first, finding that Louis is right. God, for some of these fans, loving One Direction is more like...an infection. It's bullshit. Twitter is no better. The same trends from last night are still running, and I groan. What the fuck are their problems? Jesus.

"Why is Harry hanging around there, anyway?" I mimic a fan's commentunder a picture of Harry and I sleeping last night. "All she is is a slut who wants to be with him because of his fame... What the fuck do they know about my motives? Haven't they considered the possibility that I'm in love with Harry for something other than the shallow things that they're interested in him for?" I ask no one in particular.

"No, of course they haven't," Harry replies bluntly. "I love our fans, but sometimes they are just flat-out bullshitting themselves. Like giving us gay couple names. Ugh."

"Well..." I bite my lips. The truth is, I used to totally ship Larry. Like, all the way. It just gave me something to laugh about.

"Oh, no," Harry groans. "Don't tell me that you did that, too."

"It was just to give me a laugh that I really needed. It was for a good cause," I defend myself, laughing.

"Who'd you ship?"

"Who'd who ship?" Tyler walks into the room, rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"I shipped Larry," I reply, ignoring Tyler's question. She crinkles he nose at my answer.

"Ew," she says bitterly. "You can't argue with Nouis and Lirry."

"No way! It's Larry and Niam!" I shout.

"Fuck off, bitch. Don't kill my vibe," Tyler laughs. "You're dating Harry, anyway. Why would you want him to be gay?"

"I could say the same about you and Liam!" I shoot back, falling to the floor in a shower of giggles.

"So what's going on?" Tyler asks when Liam and Zayn walk into the room and we calm down. I immediately grow somber and Lou explains the story while Harry and I just exchange glances the whole time.

"Oh my God, Clara, I'm so sorry. Are you okay? Those fans have no idea what they're talking about," Tyler tells me.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I sigh. "Whatever. It doesn't matter, anyway. I love Harry anyway."

"That's the spirit, girl!" Tyler smiles. I lie back on the carpet. 

Harry and I make the mistake of assuming that people have calmed down, so we leave the hotel to get some fresh air. Of course paparazzi and fans were waiting outside for us and I groan, pulling on Harry's hand.

"Harry, let's go back inside. I don't feel like dealing with this right--" but just then, a group of fans rip me away from Harry, pulling on my hair and slapping and punching me. Fuck you guys, too. I hear a big snap and a sharp pain in my ribs and nose. Of all people I thought would hurt me, I didn't think that they would be Harry's fans. I shout and Harry is pulling the girls off me and pulling me away and back into the hotel.

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