Chapter 7- How to Lose Someone's Trust in 10 Minutes

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I woke up some time later. I rolled over and came face to face with George. He was fast asleep and snoring. He was so sweet. I put my gauze covered hand on his head gently. I wanted to feel his hair, but chances were the frostbite had killed all the nerves in my hand. I seriously doubted that Madame Pomfrey had a nerve re-growing serum. She was good, but not that good. 

I felt bad. I really liked George. I like liked George. Yet I had so many secrets I had kept from him, if he found out how could he ever trust me?

1)  I was a Malfoy, not nearly as bad as number two.

2) I was a werewolf, and I'd attacked his brother.

3). And the least hurtful of the three, my real first name was Mercury, Iris was my middle name. 

I looked at George and his bright red hair. I tried to picture his parents. Based on the personality of any Weasley, his parents must be vastly better than mine. I loved Narcrissa and Lucius and Draco. But I was so different from them that I often felt like an outsider in the Malfoy family. To add on to it all, the Malfoy's were stereotypically very bad people.  I didn't want to be a bad person, but I couldn't fight the animal inside of me.

"So, how's it going over there?" I heard a voice ask. I leaned forward slightly and saw Fred on the bed over, smirking. 

"Just fine, thank you." I retorted, smiling.

"I dunno, you look a little more than fine." Innuendo making my cheeks flame brighter than their hair.

"Fred, go back to sleep!" I commanded.

"Fine, fine." He said, rolling onto his back.

"Iris Malfoy, your parents left you a letter!" I heard Madame Pomfrey call from across the wing. I quailed with fear. I looked over to see Fred, sitting up and staring at me wide-eyed.

"Oh my God." He said.  "You're-a-a Malfoy?!" I didn't know how to reply. George slowly sat up and yawned.  Fred and I were staring at each other in non-verbal combat.  George looked at us in confusion.

"Oi, did I miss something?" He asked.

"Yes, Georgie. You did." Fred said simply. My heart skipped a beat. "Iris, maybe you should tell'im." I gave Fred a death glare.

"Tell me what?" George raised his eyebrows suspiciously. 

"Fred, don't!" I begged. I knew Fred wasn't a mean person, but then again he did hate the Malfoy family. And as if it couldn't possibly get worse, in walked Draco. The second George saw Draco he practically flipped off the bed. That was it, my life was over. I burst into tears and doubled over, my face red with anger and confusion.

"You bloody weasel!  What did you do!" Draco yelled.

"Me?  Why do you care you ferret!" George shouted back. 

"Why wouldn't I care about my sister?" Draco sneered.

"S-sister? Iris is your sister?" George stuttered.

"You mean Mercury? Yes." Draco said in a cold drawl. 

"Oh my God." George whispered.

"What in the name of Merlin's beard is going on here?" Madame Pomfrey snapped.

"Draco!  George!  That's enough, go!" Her timing was perfect, the two of them were practically at each other's throats. Yep, my life was over.  

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